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Extended Family

The extended family page is for active participating members of Israel United in Christ who have regularly attended our classes for at least 3 months, and have made a conscious decision to serve the Lord in righteousness.

It's good to know the truth

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 28 19.30

I thank God and the Lord Jesus Chirst for just open my eyes about the truth. I would love to join the movement because I been raised in church all my life. It's good to know the truth I just know it was some like that. I been going through a lot now I understand the truth of the word, now I know what to do and why we are here. Black people need to wake up and really understand the word of the bible and not just read it thank you my brothers

Michael Butler
Havana fla

I was raised with Muslim teachings

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 27 18.28

Shalom brothers and sisters and all praises to the creator of all, our father, the Most High, king of kings. its been a long time ive been a lost sheep but I am now found. I was awakened approx. june 1st 2014 by the spirit. I have no learnings of any doctrine of the churches. I was raised with muslim teachings but not implamented deeply. I now know who we are as a nation and our purpose as a people. I know the heathens are nothing compared to us and how important it is for us to keep all the laws and commandments as best as possible. Its been over a year now and ive stayed on my path trying to awaken my dead family members. the bible has been slandered in our home so the battle is deeply rooted. I've felt alone going through this awakening process until i started to watch our brothers and sisters awakening. Peace and blessings brothers. may the spirit continue to lead you my royal family. may we rule once again together with our father.

elrahim yisrael
martinez, georgia

I was blind

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 27 18.20

I was blind for a long time. Being raised in the church and being force fed half of the truth. This is what made my life so confusing. I have always searched for knowledge and kept searching and now I truly believe this was the Most High's plan to lead me here amongst my true brothers and sisters of ISRAEL

Beatriz Garcia

See the world as it truly is

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 12 18.29

Everything I have ever learned growing up in every aspect was a lie and IUIC helps me to see the world as it truly is and helps me serve the Most High in a new aspect.

Andrea White
Greensboro North Carolina

It's been very a hard transition

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 12 18.26

I thank the Most High for all he has done for me. I have been lost for way to long, but now I have found my true calling in life. Its been very a hard transition for me with relearning everything about this truth. But im loving every bit of this joureny, and i have the Most High and all of you brothers out there going HARD with the truth of who we are as a People. JUDAH ... Shalom . All Praise to the Must High!!
ONE LOVE Israel!!

MAOR Israel
Seattle , WA

I'm ready and willing

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 12 18.25

Hearing this truth is a blessing I have been struggling with my faith for over 7 years when my husband came home with the word from the brothers I told him I did not want to hear it but today I'm ready and willing to do what the most high commands for the rest of my days

Rasheda Robinson
st Albans

Deeper meaning and understanding in the bible

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 03 19.47

I knew there was a deeper meaning and understanding in the bible , i just didn't know what it was until I started watching and hearing Israel United in Christ. My mind is wide open to the scriptures now. I have registered for online classes but look forward to one day going in person to the classes and extending my education of self and the almighty Lords laws and commandments. Shalom

Ariel Pena
ridgewood ny

Solomon was telling the truth

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 03 19.44

Hello im monica ever since i was seventeen i knew i was different, but my mother always have us my brother and sisters in church, but at 18 i stop going because i knew something wasnt right no preacher or pastor would teach or preach out the book of song of solomon i thought to myself why? But i read it for myself its because Solomon was telling the truth about himself so from then on i was in and out the churches and i used to feel bad about not going now im 43 i don't feel bad at all. I praise God in my heart, and my home i try everyday to keep his commandments pray everyday for things i dont understand and now my children are grown i pray and hope that they seek out the truth... Thank you.

monica griffin

After being mislead

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 03 19.43

All praises to the Most High, my brothers and sisters of Israel. I just don't know where to start. After being mislead and lost for 27 years; the Sunday services, the Saturday choir practices and the misleading images of Christ. It feels so good to know the truth and Jesus was right when he said, "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"(John 8:32). I've never been so free in all my life. It's hard growing up in a world, not knowing your history, not knowing where you came from but knowing everyone else's history. I've always had a problem with that, I guess that's why I didn't care too much for school; I didn't feel like I was learning anything about who I was, just the things the white man wanted me to know about myself. I came into this truth going on 5 months now and I must say, I can't go a day without listening to these brother teach the truth. It's mind-blowing, because my history book has been in front of me all along. Now I know my role in life as a VIRTUOUS woman, and the importance of keeping God's Law, statue and commandments. It's going to be challenging but I know that i'm apart of a family now that will help me overcome those challenges.

Cassandra Jones
Raleigh, NC

I always wondered

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 27 19.08

I always wondered why I was not attracted to these churches as a kid. I have always had a thought in the back of my mind like, why do our people pray to and worship a white image of Jesus and why can't a so called black pastor give you the word according to the bible. Shalom brothers keep pushing this truth our people need it.

Darron Newson
Calera, AL

I always wondered why

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 24 20.09

Thank you IUIC for waking me up to this truth. I always wondered why our people are in this situation and have always said everything happens for a reason. I finally know the reason why, all praises to the Most High!!

Moshua Israel

I was on YouTube

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 17 19.24

First all Prasies to the Most High GOD. I am From Kansas, me and my moved to Washington DC. I join a church was studying to be a minister I realize being a Christian was not the truth lot of holes in the church and that doctrine so I was on YouTube watch a few videos and I bought a few books been in the truth every since

Ziba Yisrael
Washington DC

The real changes began

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 13 19.16

Well, I grew up a military brat and very confused about identity and God. Never knew God or Christ. It wasn't until I left for college at Northern Arizona University. My third year in college I went to church off and on. Then my fourth year came I started going regularly. I never knew I was lost and confused still. By the time 2011 came around I was seeing things I didn't like, coming from the church. People not really acting like family, emphasis on money and how tithing will make you blessed and if you don't tithe on this earth in this life in heaven you won't be blessed. The pastor actually said he believed their was poverty in heaven. But I had ignored it instead of checking what he said. It wasn't until I met my husband that the real changes began. Still struggled but I learned more than I did at church. It wasn't until earlier this year that I finally woke up to the truth. Thanks to IUIC I have found to eliminate the Christian teaching completely and be rid of the other Hebrew Israelite teachings as well. I give thanks to IUIC , have understood the Bible better than when I was going to church.

Kamesha Mcallister

I realize the responsibility

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 07 11.11

Blessings to all my brethren of Isreal. IUIC has given/gives me what I have been looking for, for years. THE TRUTH! All praises to The Most High! Never going back to sleep. Ever. I realize the responsibility & work that must be put in to bring the kingdom. Just going to continue keeping God's Comandments until that day comes.

Yoram Aziz Ben Israel

No longer in deep sleep

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 07 11.10

Finally, I am awake no longer in deep sleep. I KNOW WHO I AM!!!

Mordecai Ben Israel
Garner, NC

A Lost Sheep

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 03 12.02

I was a lost sheep until the most high directed my steps back home..... Israel-Tribe Judah!!!!

Yehuda Maccabee
Cypress Texas

I walked away from the church

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 23 18.34

My testimony is that, "Now that I know the truth about who I 'am", My heart desires to learn more.
and to be apart of the truth, and to make a difference in my life, I know I have brothers and sisters of the same fold I can turn to. I walked away from the church of Jesus Christ Of Later day Saints because they don't teach this truth. My eyes and ears have been open, I belong to the Most High, and very happy and pleased to know, that I 'am his. My life has been a challenge but I know that I can do all thing in the name of the Most High...Grateful I am for the brothers, that are out their doing the work of Most High GOD.. As I learn in stillness, I will be a living example for Israel United in Christ

Scharell Rhodes

I have learned a great deal

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 23 18.32

I have only been on the site a short while however, in that time I have learned a great deal about the interpretation of scripture that previously I had not known. Thank you for being willing to teach the scriptures so profoundly!

Barbara Pearson
Fort Waynem, Indiana

I am blessed

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 15 18.47

I am blessed as we all are to have found the truth. I belonged to a Pentecostal Church for years but always had unanswered questions and now I finally know why. I am from the tribe of Ephraim and would be proud to be from any of the tribes as they are my brothers. All praise due to the Most High, Yahauwah ba ha sham Yahawashi.

Enrique Cedeno

Absolute Biblical truth

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 15 18.44

For the past couple of months, I can now say that The Most High (God) has been showing me absolute Biblical truth about who I am & who are my forefathers are. To think I know that I am from the tribe of JUDAH is astonishing, incredible & a honor. To think back how this two to three month journey started for me, is with out a doubt in my mind & heart, from...The God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. I hope that the Most High God continue to perfect the leaders, the people... & Never make us a arrogant people & leaders & know that God is God & there is no other.

Thomas Harley
Dunwoody, Ga

Waking me up

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 15 18.41

Growing up, I would seek different christian churches and would receive nothing. So I kept praying to God for understanding about my purpose in life and it was given! I thank The Most High for waking me up to this truth and blessing me with wisdom. Now that I know the truth, I'm trying to stay meditating on God's word and pass on the GOOD news to my fellow Israelite's. Most importantly, keep the faith and commandments until thee end. Thank you I.U.I.C. for all the work your doing! I've been learning so much from your teachings and videos! All praises, blessings, and honor to The Most High!!! What tribe you from??? JUDAAAAAAAH!!! lol

Yosef Israel

Into the knowledge of the truth

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 09 18.18

John 8:32 says, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. I have been in the so-called christian chruch as a musician for over 20 years, and just came into the knowledge of the truth. All Praises to the Most High.
Shalom Israel.

Richard Eiland
Lawrenceville, Ga

I am honored to be Child Of Israel

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 02 18.35

I love watching the true Israelites rise up. I am proud to be a king from Judah. Before I came into the truth I was lost. I grew up in church from the time I was 6 until my mid teens. I am now 22 years old. I teach the truth to every lost Israelite I come across. I love watching God's true army rise up. I love my Israelite brothers and sisters. We are royalty. Other nations fear us. And Israel will be on top again. My wife and I are more than thankful to God for bringing IUIC across our path. The more knowledge I receive and meditation from the bible its making me a stronger man. Israel let's continue to rise up and serve our God. The almighty God of Israel, the God that delivered our ancestors out of Egypt and set them into their own land. Which is our land. I am honored to be Child Of Israel.

Michael Child Of Israel Ryder

It all began in late June of 2013

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 02 18.33

It all began in late June of 2013 when I first heard of this truth. I was searching through several youtube videos and came across a video about Blacks being the biblical Israelites. And it stunned me because in the bible it is written about Israel being God's chosen people but in Christianity they would never teach about who and where they are today. So after careful research, reading, and studying I am now a believer and it is wonderful to know and be apart in this truth. I now attend and support the I.U.I.C. church in Atlanta. All praises to the Most High and Christ!!!

Gavriel Israel
Macon, Georgia

See our nation rising again

ScreenHunter_03 May. 26 18.56

It's a blessing to see the unity, structure, order and discipline of the men and women of Isreal United in Christ. I see progress, alot of our people are coming back to who they are and keeping the laws. It's so beautiful to see our nation rising again. Thank God for Isreal United in Christ. There is no doubt that God is working with this camp. I.U.I.C continues to stay strong in the word. None of these edomites are going to bring us down. Because we are chosen!

Sushana Israel

My heart desires to learn more

ScreenHunter_03 May. 19 11.14

My testimony, is that, "Now that I know the truth about who I 'am", My heart desires to learn more.
and to be apart of the truth, and to make a difference in my life, I know I have brothers and sisters of the same fold I can turn to. I walked away from the church of Jesus Christ Of Later- day Saints because they don't teach this truth. My eyes and ears have been open, I belong to the Most High, and very happy and please to know, that I 'am his. My life has been a challenge but I know that I can do all thing in the name of the Most High...Grateful I am for the brothers, that are out their doing the work of Most High GOD.. As I learn in stillness, I will be a living example for Israel United in Christ

Walking around with no purpose

ScreenHunter_03 May. 01 18.03

For so long I've been walking around with no purpose. Not knowing who I was. My wife actually got into this before I did. I thought it may have been just another phase for her. I started listening to some things she said. The more she talked the more I listened. So I slowly got more into it on my own and found so much that never added up over the years! These past couple of months have been on a journey. Thank you brothers for all that you do. Please get a school going here in Richmond, Virginia. Our people here are walking time bombs. They need this knowledge. I'm willing to volunteer all of my free time to assist any way I can. Shalom!

Jerrell Taylor
Richmond, Virginia

The new me began to live!

ScreenHunter_03 May. 01 18.00

Coming across IUIC YouTube videos was the absolute best thing to happen to my longing spirit that had been searching for fulfillment in the Word of God. I Church hopped for so many years trying to find somewhere that fed my soul until I gave up & decided to read the entire Bible for myself. And after reading it, I soon stumbled across a couple YouTube videos whose related searches led me to IUIC teachings. Being curious I watched & watched some more until I found myself watching every video & classroom teaching that IUIC had posted. My Soul was overly joyed to gain understanding with Precepts & my Spirit was in total agreement! That was when the old me died & the new me began to live! I thank The Most High for the Awakening! And Thank you IUIC for spreading this Truth so we may take heed, Repent & return to who we were made to be. I'm humbly grateful. Shalom MHNCB

Kenya- Keziah Baht Yisra'el-Collins
Decatur, GA

Caught my attention

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 28 18.18

I was raised in Christianity but didn't feel like I was being fulfilled so I was in and out of church, I always had questions about why my people was in slavery but some how I ran across IUIC video & it caught my attention and they showed me who I was in the scriptures and it changed my life and I've been watching the videos & taking notes every since. Now I'm looking to join IUIC very soon........#shalomisrael #MHNCB

Michael Fisher
Katy Tx

It was all a BIG LIE

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 28 18.16

I was a so called Christian/believer in Christ for about 21 yrs. In the past couple of years I really stopped going to church, but my love for the bible and Christ remained. One day my son starting asking me questions about who we are in the bible, slave ships in the bible, who are the gentiles ( which I proudly proclaimed that we are the gentiles), and a whole lot of other questions that I could not fully answer. He asked me to watch these videos on youtube, I resisted for a while and just to shut him up I conceded and my life have never been the same. Tears begin to roll down my face when I fully understood that I am an Israelite and that the bible have never been taught to me, it was all a BIG LIE ! I thank the Most High for the awakening, it is the best thing that could have ever happen to me, All Praises. I have even spoke to one of the Deacons, he was very approachable and answered my questions fully using the bible. I thank the Most High for IUIC they are truly the prophets of God!!!!!

Denise Spears
Milwaukee, WI

We are above all people

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 28 18.14

We are above all people ..

Ronel Israel

Hunger for the truth

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 08 14.23

I always knew I loved TMH. I just didn't know how to show him that I love him. I learned through reading the word of TMH and through watching you guys camp videos of how to truly show my love to the most high and that is by keeping his commandments. I always had this hunger for the truth and when I found it I was amazed and shocked at who we so called "African Americans" truly are. Now that I know my true identity and can claim my nationality and get back to our original state, I pray that everyone comes into this truth because it's grants your soul some kind of peace. I can truly say I understand the scripture that says "many are called but few are chosen". Come home ISRAEL ! The most high and our savior are waiting. Shalom family

Kianna Young

The true prophets speak

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 26 20.07

I came into the truth by my daughter. All my life I felt like there was so much more to us then being slaves or always on the bottom. When I went to church it was always god loves you, just have faith in Jesus. Then I saw IUIC videos on YOUTUBE and saw the true prophets speak. I learned that the bible is our history book. That the Israelite are us. And that we are suppose to be keeping his commandments and statues until Christ comes back. I am so glad the Moist High opened my eyes to the truth and that he chose us to be His. All praised to the Most High in Jesus.

I finally know the truth

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 16 18.22

I finally know the truth!!! I always been about knowing and speaking the truth. It just runs in my blood. As a child growing up, my mom would make me & my brother go to church with her, but of course I really didn't understand or believe. As I got older my mom had stopped going to church but I still went because I still didn't really believe or understand but I wanted to. Then during my senior year in high school and that summer after I graduated things started happening in my life that eventually brought me closer to GOD then I had ever been. Every since then, I was studying the bible, started doing gospel music (which I still do), started changing my ways, going to church more etc... But as the years went on I always felt like something wasn't quite right! So I asked GOD to let his Truth be revealed to me about 4-6 months ago and I ended up coming across a IUIC video one day. The scriptures they read and brought out, I hadn't really even known about because the Christian church never go over those scriptures. So my eyes and mind definitely was opened from then to now. Thank You Heavenly Father!! I continue to watch y'all videos on Youtube and studying my Bible a whole lot more because I now have the true understanding of who I am, who and what this Bible is talking about!! I still have a lot more to learn and change but through the help of GOD I will become the True Repentant Israelite Woman he has created me to be!! All Praises to The Most High GOD/ The GOD of Israel

Moneshia Collins

Christianity is not the way

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 10 21.28

Started young in my search for God, religion jumping till i gave into christianity and found myself deep in sin. I finally said to myself Christianity is not the way somehow there was more and a deeper understanding of the Most High. As i prayed to the father for understanding i came across Israel United in Christ and been in class daily. John 4:10-14, im thankful for IUIC because my search is over, but now is my walk with Jesus and the Father as i put on the whole armour of God All praises to the Most High, and to israel my family MHNCB

Shakeem Bishop

My purpose as a man

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 10 21.26

I remember everything that happen, then I found out why it happen and my life was changed, been learning from IUIC for about a year now, Thanks for showing me who I was and my purpose as a man. MHNCB

Tommy Williams
Milwaukee, WI

On the correct path

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 10 21.25

My adult son and I are relieved to FINALLY receive the Truth! For the last 4 weeks we have studied and researched the scriptures for 8 to 16 hours a day, and discovered that IUIC put us on the correct path! All Praises to the Most High and Thank You brothers/sisters of IUIC!

LVanda Stinson
Southfield, Michigan 48207

I do not love this world

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 06 18.02

We are now in the end times/last days and the truth is surfacing at the right time. I realize that the christian religion was not the way to go. I do not love this world we are in and it frustrates me to see a edomite and they act is if they did nothing wrong and play to be tender and delicate. But when I read the book of Obadiah I know for certain that The God of Israel is aware of their ways and it made me feel good to know that there is redemption for our people Israel. Every time I see an edomite it makes me further know that The God of Shem chose us to be His people because Edom lives without fear and loves to kill. And I am very aware of the people in Israel now are indeed Europeans and fakes. It really makes me wax hot concerning the Idols of Babylon/Edom but the sad thing is that most of our people just cant stop playing the harlot and worshiping things made of wood and stone. I want to repent to The God of Israel right this second for our people in darkness chasing after the slave master's style of worship. I am a 41 year old black male under the tribe of Israel's fourth son Judah. I just moved to florida from Washington, DC. When I get settled in I want to be a part of this Truth and bring Jacob home where he belongs.

Dana Thomas
Poinciana, Fl

Such a great honor

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 04 18.03

Ran across youtube videos of street preaches. I haven't been off them since. I'm attracted to learn more and more everyday. Just having the knowledge of who I truly am and what such a great honor it is for me to understand my full purpose of being on this earth. I'm taking fast steps on trying to fix what my generation have taken from me, the true Lord our God. Some addictions(non drug related) I am still struggling with but in order for me to show God that I do love him I'm going to have to break free from all my addictions. I would like to thank my brothers of the tribes for opening up my eyes. Your strength strengthens me to live for God and not myself.

Oliver Robinson
Fairmont, WV

I finally have peace

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 04 17.59

All praises to THE MOST HIGH for bringing me home. I finally have peace with ALL of the commandments. I can be who I was created to be with no shame.

Delores(AchatYah) Harison(Israel)
Columbus Ohio


ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 11 18.29

Romans 13:11-14

11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.
12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.
13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.
14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof

-Bless the Bishops and Leadership


Richmond, VA

I feel like the prodigal son


The ox knoweth it's owner, and the ass it's master's crib: but Israel doth not know, My people doth not consider
Isaiah 1:3
I feel like the prodigal son, All Praises to the Most High...

Michael Dixon

I have been in churches for over 40 years

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 13 18.23

I am a Israelite sister of the tribe of Judah. I was raised as a Christian and also raised my five children the same. I was born in California, now living in Colorado springs co. Because of your teaching brothers, I have awaken to the truth. I have been in churches for over 40 years and have studied the word just as diligently and have never, I mean never, been told the correct way, I, as a Israelite, is suppose to be living life to please the Most High. From watching your videos, I have learned to keep the Sabbath and the correct day to observe it, How to dress, what holidays we are to observe, The importance of keeping the laws, statues, and commandments, and submissiveness. I have received a lot of knowledge through your teachings, these are just a few. Thank you for all that you do and look forward to being a student in class.

Adira (Dorothy) Israel (McPeters)
Colorado Springs, Co

Christianity wasn't a solid foundation

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 18 18.57

My Husband (Alexander) and I, We are a family of 8 ( 4 boys - Delonte 14, Lazarus 6, Zechor 4, Sabir 1 and 2 girls - JeVian 9, Zenyah 8). We've been in the Truth for quite some time (7 years), but just didn't know where to journey to (Islam, NOI, Jehovah Witnesses). We knew for sure Christianity wasn't a solid foundation, and then one day this year my husband and I were watching the lesson being taught on Ebola & Sin and The Sixth Angel Is War. From Then on we've based our studying and lessons to the kids from the lessons being taught in your class. We would like to become apart of IUIC Family.

Frances Finch
Washington, DC

The joy I feel

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 04 18.33

Words can't express the joy I feel for being directed to the truth and IUIC with my 2 Sons. It's scary, now that I know the stakes, to think that we could've missed this truth.

Shontell LaCour

Spiritual food

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 01 18.28

I have been learning from you guys for the past 6 months. You guys have given me spiritual food that have caused nothing but a great multitude of change and blessings to come my way. Ever since I have come into the knowledge about my true nationality, about being from the TRIBE OF JUDAH/ I AM AN ISRAELITE, I have changed the way I LOOK, TO THE WAY I TALK/ CARRY MYSELF/ THINK, TO THE WAY I DRESS, DOWN TO THE PEOPLE I HANG WITH, AND TO THE PLACES I GO TO. You all have been the center to me and my household making the Most High the root and foundation of what our household lives by and now and forever. Keep doing what you all are doing!

Cincinnati, Ohio

My search a success

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 15 10.07

My Family & I have been attending Church for more than 35 years and now we have finally found the Truth; Although I have been attending Church on a regular basis I knew and felt something wasn't right...
I just want to give thanks to The Most High for y'all and for making my search a success, by bringing me and my family to this truth of knowing who we are.. God bless Israel United In Christ!!

Di Israel
Ottawa Canada

It brought tears to my eyes

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 10 21.34

I thank the Most High for you guys. It has been a blessing for me to learn that there was more to the word then what was being taught by the Christian churches. I have always known that something was missing and now that I have come into this truth, I want to share it with everybody I know. And yes they think I am crazy, but it doesn't matter, I never fit in anyway. Thank you family for welcoming me into your lives and back home to where I belong. It brought tears to my eyes, when I heard a lot of the messages on youtube, like immaculate deception, and the parable of the 10 virgins. Bless you all and I thank you for your strength. Your words are powerful and to the point, keep up the good work. Glad to know that I finally found my purpose for being here!! Shalom, Celita Brooks

Celita Brooks
Elkton, MD

Subjected to slavery

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 10 21.32

I now know why we blacks are being subjected to slavery, Racism.

Austin Okolo
Bologna, Italy

Bethink myself

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 10 21.30

It is a great feeling, now knowing that I am one of God's chosen people. Coming into this truth has changed my life in so many ways. God has given me the opportunity to bethink myself. Thanks to the brothers of Israel United in Christ and according to Acts chapter 8 verse 31, I would not be able to learn this unless some man had guided me, which is what the brothers of Israel United in Christ did. I am truly thankful for that, all praises to the Most High and Christ.

Edward Garcia
Port Richey, FL

The truth resonates within me

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 03 18.32

The truth resonates within me. A true sudden insight and understanding that is helping me connect the dots.

Brittany Connally
Aurora, Colorado

The pieces are coming together

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 03 18.29

I always knew, deep down inside that something was wrong in this world. ALWAYS wondered why we (people of color) were treated with hate and were ALWAYS at the bottom of everyone else, now I know why. FINALLY, the pieces are coming together.

Tammicko Rolle
Freeport, Grand Bahama

I had a tough time

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 29 17.49

I to like many, have strayed away from the most high. I started being wicked and calling jesus out his name because all I knew was the WHITE MAN!! When I was a little boy I had a tough time believing he was white it never sat well with me. I started following Egyptology after that devil Ray Haggins watching his dumb garbage. I grew up Christian but never felt a thing when I went to church, never felt an African connection even after I followed Egyptology. I still felt something wasn't right. I watch a ton of long videos from IUIC and immediately gave my life back to the most high. I've ordered a kjv bible and the hidden books, with a shirt with fringes recently. It feels so good knowing my TRUE ROOTS and what's in store. I've found my way back home, and I love you all family. Shalom.

Marquis Israel
Jackson, Ms

I feel like I am at home

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 24 17.37

I left Christianity looking for who I am so I went to Islam and I did not find any answers. So I looked online to try all other religions such as 5% nation and that wasn't the answer either. I came across this one camp GMS and I felt like them guys were not speaking the true word of GOD. I saw Officer Yadon and I started to go into the scriptures and really study the WORD OF GOD and I knew then that this was for me. I can honestly say that IUIC are the elect camp and I don't want to go anywhere else. I feel like I am at home with this camp. These brothers follow the LAWS of the MOST HIGH and I want to stay connected. I can finally say that I am at peace with GOD and myself thank you IUIC AND SHLOAM MHNCB

Lavelle Leonard

I know who I really am

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 21 18.19

I have been in the Christian church since i was in the fourth grade. Thinking that God loves all and salvation is for every one. Now, four years later I know who I really am and I'm glad I know. I'm still in the christian school i know who i really am and im leaving the christain church and school when I leave for college. I know who i realy am and thats all that matters.

harry gonzalez

I found out who i really

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 21 18.16

I was raised in a christian household as i got older i stop listening to what people say about my people and started looking into it myself as i got deep into it i found out who i really am the tribe of judah i been lookig at all yall videos im looking to learn more about myself and my people

Micheal Arline
Houston T.x


ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 06 18.34



I was in the dark

ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 04 10.02

All glory and all praises to The Most High for my brothers at IUIC being that light for me when i was in the dark.

David Ben Israel
Springfield, MA

I wasted no time

ScreenHunter_21 Sep. 30 18.25

When I first read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 my eyes did not open but after learning the truth through the internet The Most High led me to IUIC and an alarm went off. I was watching IUIC and felt the bible speaking to me and The Most High sounded off an alarm of the truth from the Bishops and Deacons. I wasted no time seeking understanding teaching and guidance from leadership. I was with sight but blind to the ways of the world and its lies. The Most High has also awaken my wife and she has been very supportive as we continue in this walk together following Gods laws. Shalom MHNCB.
Jacob Ben Israel (tribe of Judah)
House of Jacob-MA

Jacob Ben Israel
Boston, MA

Best thing that ever happened

ScreenHunter_21 Sep. 08 18.37

I was brought up in a christian household I'm pretty sure just like everyone else. I tried going to church and everything you could think of trying to find God for myself and not just listen to what everyone else was saying. Finding Israel United in Christ was the best thing that ever happened to me. I did not realize how lost I was until I came here. Listening to the Elders, Deacons, and officers teaching about who we are, and why things happen to us as a people something just clicked. I am learning so much and I Thank The Most High everyday for bringing me here.

Elaine Andrews
Indianapolis, Indiana

So much sin

ScreenHunter_21 Sep. 02 19.17

After so much sin and living lawless TMH had mercy on me and brought me into his vineyard, I thank TMH and christ for the Elders of I.U.I.C the true men of God.

Michael Ben Israel
Detroit, Michigan

Showing me my error


All praises to God for my husband who brought me into this truth. I grew up Baptist, and was taught all my life that if I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died for my sins I would be saved. I was told that once saved I have to try to stop living in sin. I was told the basic commandments. However, I was told that when Jesus died for us he took away that burden. Which I learned that the laws are still in effect Matthew 5:17. All praises to the most High and Jesus Christ for IUIC showing me my error so that I am able to correct myself. Fear of the Lord, application of these laws, patience, and faith is what gets us this kingdom.

LaTasha Mills
Newport News, Virginia

The most Life changing decision

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 14 18.20

Joining Israel United In Christ was the best decision and most Life changing decision that I could have ever made in my life, coming from a Christian background and at one time I was so-called a Christian Preacher I didn't know that all I was doing was Perpetuating a lie and I was contributing to oppressing my own people (Negros), I was having some difficulties inside the Church and with that whole Christian Doctrine foolishness, I started getting to the place where I was Bored with the Sunday service foolishness and everything that came alone with it, when I thought I was saved I
really wasn't, when I thought I was living Holy I wasn't, because I was never taught what Nation we are in the Bible, how to actually receive Salvation or how to live Holy and acceptable to the Most High GOD, but I thank GOD for the camp in my home city Chicago for introducing the TRUTH to me then they wasn't completely teaching the TRUTH either so my little brother introduced IUIC to me and I studied a couple of videos on "You-Tube" and when I finally accepted the truth a Peace came over me and I been Free every sense like Christ said in John 8:32, now I know who I AM, HOW TO LIVE HOLY by keeping the Laws, Statues and Commandments of the Most High GOD and I know without a shadow of a doubt I am truly working on my Soul Salvation in the Hope and Faith in  CHRIST, I PLEDGED my Life to the MOST HIGH GOD and CHRIST, to take my place along side of my Brothers in IUIC this Great Military of Israelites and where ever I go and who ever I talk to of our people (Negros, Hispanics, Native Americans) I will Tell The TRUTH from now on, I will "Cry Aloud, Spare not" Isaiah 58:1 no matter what.
Thank You Elder Nathanyel, Elder Kani, all the Deacons, Officers and Captains..........Shalom MHNCB

Malcolm Palmer
Tupelo, MS

It's good to be a Hebrew

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 14 18.17

Im glad im one of the sheep that heard and hear the Most High voice. How else would I have been able to respond to his word. It's also great to see my true brothers and sisters in Christ that are awake as well I pray we all continue to serve the Most High and willing to walk that straight and narrow. I realize this is my Lifestlye and wouldn' t want it any other way despite my faults. I just want to say Shalom Family and MHACB us all to and fro. it's good to be a Hebrew
Deuteronomy 7:6
Psalms 82:6
John 10:34

Refael David Israel
Riverdale, Ga

You need a Bible

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 11 18.44

Shalom ISRAEL MHNCB . I was the kind of person who used to play video games very much and there were one of my friend, most of the times when we talked its about wickedness and foolishness. One day I took my phone and call him and said to him ( when are you going to give me the video game that you promise me ) and he said to me you always playing video game, what you need to do is watch news and know what is really happening in the world and you need a BIBLE. In my mind I say this guy crazy a BIBLE, really man. when I see church folks I look at them funny and the kind of lifestyle I was living, that what make me see them funny. And one day that guy came to my aunt house while I was there, and he start reading Leviticus chapter 11 and in my mind I said this guy used to talk about women and foolishness with me so whats wrong with this guy now. He was reading Leviticus 11 and others scriptures from THE BIBLE to me and my cousins and others that were with me and everytime when we see him is BIBLE conversation . And some of the things my cousins got deep in now is because of me and I repented from my sins months ago but these guys still stay in the world and me and that guy name Riss still contact each other and he join IUIC and thats what I want to do when Im 18 to leave my parents house and to help push this GOSPEL into the four corners of the earth to wake up my people and to endure at the end. Thanks to the best camp IUIC for having online classes and videos and thanks to MY HEAVENLY FATHER who choose me and open my eyes from the wickedness and the evil things I was in.

Marc Tchenly Emile
Irvington, NJ

This war

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 11 18.42

This war is far from over. we have much more that must be accomplished.

Othniel Israel
Laurel, Maryland

Allowing me to hear

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 01 01.26

Shalom I Would like to thank the most High GOD for allowing me to hear and see the word. So that I could have the understanding of the teachings from our camp Elder's who teach our people Who they are!

Yaiyr Yada Israel
wyandanch, Ny

Its' a struggle

ScreenHunter_21 Aug. 01 01.25

I am a 18 year old young Haitian man who wants to know more. Sometimes i struggle but i try. I to was raised in the christian belief i went to church all the time but my father was the first to know about the isrealites then he passed on his knowledge to me. I now know things that i never new like how there are 12 tribes and the nation of jacob and how he loved jacob but not esau but i wish i could contact you guys and know more but its a struggle if you are reading this continue your marvelous works. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD SHALOM MY BROTHERS.

Shamma Bacourt

A light in my community

ScreenHunter_21 Jul. 18 18.26

Shalom Israel, Im truely excited about being in the body. For, many years I've known that something was different about me. I had a strong desire to seek GOD. I've been baptized three times, been a seventh day adventist, studied with the muslims, apart of many different christian churches, allowed the jehovahs witnesses to come in and share their stories, and last but not least talked to the mormons. My thoughts wasn't to join these groups but to hear their beliefs. Nothing spoke to me, I'd always feel out of place, or the negativity would always find my ear. It was never for me, it never felt real, the jumpin around, the strange language being spoken, the sad songs that always made you feel sick about your sins, but with no answer to correct them, the tithing, the reading of one maybe two scriptures, and then the long sermon, that meant nothing. I realized I was still lost. So, being the seeker that I am, I went into egyptology, numerology, and astology. Completely, moving away from the Bible. Then in my sin the man whose wife I was with,(YES ADULTERY) sent a message though his son to ask me if I was aware of I.U.I.C. of course I wasn't. But, soon as I looked at my first video, the sense of completion come over me. I studied from the very first video, and knew I've been found. I began to make a list of my sins, and all that I've done to dishonor The Most HIGH, and myself. I faced the east (jerusalem) fell to my knees, and REPENTED. The word spoke to me immediately, and the Laws wasn't grievous. I had a beard already, stopped shaving my head and face, and went and got my fringes. Yes, I went through it, at work, in my home, but now The MOST HIGH is opening those around me up to hear the WORD. I will Labor for this truth, because I know it will help heal our nation, and fullfil the prophecy written in the Holy Bible. Thank You, ISRAEL UNITED IN CHRIST for showing me how to be a man of GOD IN CHRIST and a light in my community.

Yair Ben Israel
Dayton, Ohio

I'm not alone anymore

ScreenHunter_21 Jul. 07 18.44

I've finally learned my actual Heritage for the last 18 years I've been living in a sin in this wicked captivity run by Esau telling me bout my culture from the school systems , nothing but Esau telling me nothing but lies. I haven't gone to church in a very long time, half of my family members are confused. They don't know who they really are only certain amount of my family members are into this truth. I try breaking it down for them everyday but they just don't want to hear it. I feel like I'm not alone anymore now that I've found this site I see a lot of Israelite's and I'm just glad that I'm not the only one in this truth , Shalom

Alia Hicks
Millbrae, CA

Lost as a People

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 24 18.59

I want to thank Israel United in Christ for the videos. It lets me know how lost we are as a people and when it come to evidence, this camp has it.

Melvin Chandler
Columbus, Ohio

I have become better

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 16 19.16

Shalom, and all praises due unto the Most High, I AM THAT I AM. Since finding out that I am a Hebrew Israelite, I have become a better wife, mother, and friend. From the way that I speak, to the way I present myself to the world with modest apparel. My husband and I also face separation from family members and friends because of this truth. The more knowledge that we get, more we are forced by the HOLY SPIRIT, to stay away from the non-believers, even if it's our own blood; fathers, mothers, sisters, or brothers!

All praises to the Most High for all of the brothers and sisters that took the time out to make videos, stand on the street corners, to get this truth out!

Shana Baht Israel
Philadelphia, PA

I made the decision

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 16 19.13

I was raised Christian, my mom and pops use to force my brother, sister and I to church. They split up and we ended up staying with moms...she was what they called a church hopper. It was always some new church we was going to. As I got older I started making the decision myself go to church. I became a church hopper also, mainly because I felt unfulfilled. It was like the same old message with no change behind it. The same old problems with the same response "oh have faith brother", or "don't question God". It got to the point where I felt suppressed. Couldn't ask questions because no one had the answers, couldn't have faith in what was being taught because everybody had their own opinions and it rarely lined up to what the word said. So basically I started off with this passion that died off over years to the point where all I could think is does God really know who I am..... Does he really care about me..... So after I took the bandaid off which was christianity my wounds started to flow even more. I started drinking more and smoking after quitting 2 to 3 years prior. I just got worst to the point where everything started crumbling around me. But one day I read Luke 16:15. When I read that scripture I made the decision to investigate everything that was highly esteemed amongst man. Everything from the false Sabbath to holidays, to religions, to secret soceities, to laws and entertainment, And what I found was overwhelming. It was so much deception, anger and disappointment that I just didnt know how to react to everything. But one day In my research I stumbled on IUIC and that changed everything..I found the truth. It was a joyful day...I was happy because the basic information of who I am is an honor I am an Israelite of the tribe of Judah, I am apart of the true God chosen people. So I have made the decisions to shed old skins. To learn and follow my father's laws and wake my brothers and sister up. ALL PRAISES TO THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD, THE MOST HIGH..SHALOM

Aviel Israel
Baltimore, MD

I finally made it home

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 11 18.49

Gods testimony is My testimony I finally made it home

valencia Fouther
saint paul

Purpose to my life's journey

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 11 18.46

I give the highest praise to the Most High for revealing purpose to my life's journey thus far, as the first 2o years were bane . He has always put into my heart (mind) that it wasn't in vain. In my accounts of studying different "religious" background in search for truth, I found everyone has taken pieces here and there from the bible. But, if combined truth could be found. Blessings my brothers and sisters of Israel, I am extremely thankful for IUIC in speaking the truth and teaching the commandments as commanded by the Most High.

Yafah Israel
Garner, North Carolina

No more reading between the lines

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 11 18.44

 Amazing how the bible pieces together so perfectly with the right context every religion based on the bible has so many holes and so few answers i am glad i found IUIC its teaching me alot so far and wanting more every minute as i turn to IUIC youtube videos before and after class just to continue feeding people be saying i am in a cult but honestly you cant find a more clear and straight forward honest representation of the bible anywhere else ask all your questions you have people willing to help you comprehend your answers all well shooting across the bible and backing everything up with scriptures typical church leaders give you one scripture and say see here it means this or this is the only commandments or this is ok to eat contradicting the bible verses they say well that no longer applies the morality of the bible in the hands of religion is non existent where here it is clear on what the bible sys to do and no one can say otherwise stay strong fellow Israelite brothers and sisters before this belief i was evil angry and hating against the bible the way they teach it becomes common sense and child logic no more reading between the lines nonsense

Shalom MH&CB

Tyler Sedo
Winnipeg MB Canada

Christianity has ruined our people

ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 09 19.06

I have been watching IUIC videos for the last month or so and I have to say that I was at awe having realized that I am an Israelite. These teachings that I have been learning from the Word of God through these brothers are awesome and inspiring to me. They make me want to completely convert my life to the "real" Jesus of the bible. I have been a Christian all of my life until now. I can finally understand just how Christianity has ruined our people. I am ready to change and began to walk in the truth of who I am, who we are in Christ. I am ready to live my life without sin and retrain my mind and heart on the oracles of God.

Niesha Clark
Allen Park, Michigan


ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 02 18.48

I am writing you this letter today because I just watched one of your videos on YouTube about the history of Jacob and Esau. It was very instructive to me because I’ve been searching the truth for a while now and your video helped me understand a vision I had about 10 years ago.
Here is my testimony (I promise on my honor that everything you will read below is true):
That night, I decided to sleep upside down (my feet at the head of the bed and my head at the end of the bed). Early in the morning, when I was still in my sleep but barely awake, I heard a clear voice from above calling me this way : Marjorie, Daughter of Jacob and Levi… (the Lord spoke to me in French because I’m a French speaker). At that time, I did not even know who Levi was until I searched the descendants of Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel and the Levites. And the voice spoke on and on. Now, here is how your video touched me; of course, when I found out that this voice from above was basically telling me that I AM A JEW, I asked myself so many questions. But your video cleared all my doubts away. This video completely changed my vision of life and confirmed my own identity. So this letter is basically to thank you for re-establishing the facts and letting the people of God know the truth. Actually, when I learned all the information given in your video, my heart started to laugh. I felt relieved because the vision I had was not quite a burden, but was difficult to share in a world like today’s. Who would have believe a young black Haitian woman who knows her Bible but not in a theological way? The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob spoke to me and still does. Not everyone can understand or believe that. They would say I’m crazy. Well. Thank you again for posting your video. God used you in a very strategic way for me and will continue to do so for others. God bless you all! Shalom !

Marjorie Noël
Montreal, Canada

I will change my ways

ScreenHunter_20 May. 27 18.12

I finally see/know the truth of the history on where I came from and who I am. I know I will change my ways, repent of all sins I commited, and will follow the laws & commandments given under Moses. Thank you Israel United in Christ

Junior Levi Israel
Deerfield Beach, Fl

I am being transformed

ScreenHunter_20 May. 24 10.02

I was intrigued of the Truth off of the Immaculate Deception delivered by a brother in the truth. I thought he was bugged out of his mind for real. Now, Brother Kaleb has been there to see me through since last August with the power of the Most High. I am so grateful that I am being transformed into a new being and that I am learning the truth of the bible from the true prophets. The men of IUIC prove the bible through their works and the keeping of the commandments. The truly let the bible speak and prove every doctrine a lie. There are no private interpretations or long, unnecessary sermons on two scriptures. I have learned so much in a short time and as I build my spirit I am thirsty for more. I finally am learning how to equip myself in the spirit with the scriptures for the challenges that I face in life. I study my weapon to become skillful in my defense against the enemy. The great mystery is solved: the holy ghost is the laws and the commandments. I do not miss the evil spirits stomping and screaming in the church. I have no idea why the Lord chose me, but I thank Him for waking me up from out of the darkness and into the light.

Atarah Judah Israel
Alexandria, VA (DC)

I now know the truth

ScreenHunter_20 May. 19 18.46

I thank my black father for leading me towards iuic ..because my whole life i been taught white is right. .but thanks to my black jesus and iuic i now know the truth and i am free.....

tiffany venson

Time to change

ScreenHunter_20 May. 16 18.24

I heard the word of god and now its time to change.

Ashley Harris


ScreenHunter_20 May. 16 18.22


Yanah Sharai Baht Israel
Upper Marlboro, MD

My Purpose

ScreenHunter_20 May. 16 18.19

I cannot find the words to explain where I am internally as I type this, but in my attempt to do so I must admit, it's about time. I'm finally feeling safe to forget all I have ever known just to receive Truth that explains EVERYTHING a human can EVER experience consciously or subconsciously.
It's about time I can feel COMPLETELY safe in making a decision to accept and endure The Ultimate Truth about who I Am in My entirety.
Finally, I do not have to use a defense mechanism against This Truth, EVER!
I can feel safe understanding the Perfect plan, which will enable me to experience my Purpose for ever existing in the first place.
I knew ALL lies would come to a end.
I've been patiently waiting for this moment. I deserve this moment, and I'm ready!

C.J. Harris

I have finally found the right teaching

ScreenHunter_20 May. 16 18.27

I am so glad to find out the truth about my heritage, and why we the black's are so hated in the world
especially this nation because we are the decedent's of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the promise of the
inheritance of eternal life, and being the true Hebrew Israelites of Yahweh .

I was so confused about a lot of things such as why the catholic every Sunday would do the same old ritual
and then have communion and the service is over but you still fell lost and still sinning.
then I was attending a Pentecostal l church and I really didn't understand them coming from a catholic church
with shouting and dancing and falling out and speaking in so-called tongues. and always collecting money.

Well I have finally found the right teaching to edify me and sanctify me because learning and studying directly from the one true word the BIBLE ( basic instruction before leaving earth) I am now set free
HALLELUJAH in my Messiah YASHOUA peace and blessing SHALOM.

Yediydah Israel
New Carrollton MD

Ecstatic about the future

ScreenHunter_20 May. 04 19.54

I come From the same tribe as Christ himself! I always knew that there just wasnt something right about how the bible was being taught! I would ask my mom and other authoritive figures in my life as a child "why are the books from granny bible missing out of your bible". Between the blinged out pastors and the hussy female preachers I knew something wasnt right! Its quite odd but at the age of 12 I always knew that the truth would reveal itself....I just didnt think it would be in my lifetime. Ecstatic about the future of ISRAEL! Thank you IUIC for showing me the truth and bringing me back to life! Like a baby I took my first gasp of air because of you all and I love you guys for that and thanking The Most High God and Christ for blessing me with IUIC. MHNCB you all!

Yakiraziah Qetuwrah
Highland CA

I finally see the truth

ScreenHunter_20 May. 04 19.51

Shalom MHNCB. My eyes are opened now I finally see the truth about the Bible and God's laws statues and commandments and to follow them and to keep them, I was NEVER taught this in the church. I was lead to your website by a young lady who was staying with me for a while so God used her to get the truth from IUIC!!! Thank the Most High for you!

Karen Jackson
Pittsburgh Pa

I finally made it Home

ScreenHunter_20 May. 04 19.48

I finally made it home now it's too work and wake my people up JUUUUUUUUUUDAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Elahh Israel
jacksonville fl

I've regained family

ScreenHunter_20 Apr. 28 20.11

I was born in 1987 to a single parent mom on disability; we lived below the poverty level. My mother learned the ways of Christianity on her own, coming from an alcholic absentee single parent home herself. She looked for love in the wrong places having my sister and I out of wedlock and divorcing her abusive ex-husband. She was a very present and active mom, but I never felt pretty or confident enough in my own skin. I looked like my Dad who I did not meet until 13. Mom eventually home schooled us and taught us to study the bible, to cover our bodies, to rest on Saturday, not to observe Halloween and hunt for Easter eggs. She kept us in a tight secure bubble, which I now appreciate. As much as she knew she taught us. When I was a child I asked about the dietary law and covering our heads, but I was answered with the typical TBN, Christian doctrine that we watched constantly and I did not come into the truth until years later.
Over four years ago I met my now husband Zuriel and my world changed! I never met anyone like him before who also saved himself for me. I knew I was responsible for the unpopular irrefutable truth he taught me. His bible knowledge amazed me. He taught me that I was a Hebrew Israelite and about the paganism of Christmas (holidays in general), unclean foods, covering my head, coming out of all of my men's clothes and pants, etc. I began to feel more lady like. His leadership and passion for Christ won me over and he discipled me, teaching me all he knew; he was my first "boyfriend." My mom and sis are now estranged but after my lord was introduced to IUIC I've regained family. I'm learning to become a better wife. I've learned how to sew fringes and to join in the feasts. My lord has grown his beared, we've stopped wearing mixed garments. I thought I knew all there was to being a Christian, never fit in because of the standards my mom taught us, but I was doomed to hell because I did not obey the commandments in Christ. MHNCB

Zarayah Israel
Terrell, TX

But now I know

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 23 18.26

I'm only 17 and i'm glad I learned about my people and my own history. Growing up every where I go I would see "White Jesus" and wonder "Where did WE come from then?". But now I know and I feel loved by my people and by my GOD. Thanks my Brothers from Chicago down to Argentina, I LOVE Y'ALL. Now these pants are pulled up and this young black kid is ready to bring his people home.

Micheal Gentry
Fort Worth, TX

I finally got tired

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 09 18.23

I finally got tired of living in the world . I decide to give the Most High a 100% of my time , heart , & soul. I started listening to ya'll 2 years ago. But recently join after cleaning my temple. All praises to the elders who teach these men of God to go preach.

shawna hall - jackson
webster, texas

Now everything makes sense

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 09 18.20

I have always questioned everything. Growing up in the church, I just didn't feel like this was it. I started thinking something was wrong with me. Now everything makes sense and I have found what I've been seeking all my life. All praises to the brothers and sisters of Israel United in Christ. If I had to deal with these other camps I would have never learned the discipline needed to be righteous. Truly these brothers have discovered the key to a successful journey to salvation. Even though I have been so-called in the truth multiple years, only now I see myself progressing and moving forward to higher levels. I have become a major example to my wife and my kids as to what a real black man looks like and how he should conduct himself, which is weird to most folks. My wife and I attend every Sabbath class and have determined to do the weekly classes despite our schedule. LOL LOL.....This picture is a year old.....My wife took out the blond hair soon as the Elders spoke on it....I didn't have to say anything! Brothers believe there are people out here that are hungry for knowledge!!!!! All Praises To The Most High and Christ and to you all keep up the good work.

Reginald Rogers
Prichard, Alabama

I'm finally home.

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 07 20.01

I'm finally home.

shar Ahparayam

I am alive

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 07 20.00

I am alive. Right before I came into the truth, I was searching for my purpose. I didnt understand why I was here. Then one night I was on YouTube and I saw a video about the Israelites; I was hooked as soon as I found out about my true nationality. I was shocked when I found out that the Bible was my history book. Now I am still on my journey to righteousness and getting my spirit right. I praise the Most High everyday for allowing me to walk in this truth.

Azaria Baht Israel
Tacoma WA

This new journey

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 02 18.10

Since learning the truth I've been a much happier person. I've learned so much and yet there is still sooooo much for me to learn. I'm so excited to be on this new journey! I could not do it with out the grace of the God and the guidance of my big brother by blood and spirit Officer Azaniah of Austin Texas. All Praises to the Most High in Christ bless, Shalom.

kalyn james
austin texas

I always had questions

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 02 18.07

For a long time I have visions in my head, ever since I was a kid I always had question none of which could be answered. I seek the truth of who we really are and why we suffer so much oppression as a people, since I have found your website and started study more in depth the light is more prevalent and now I have something to look forward to in life. I want all my brothers and sister to hear this truth and be born again in knowing who we really are, time is running out and its time for Israel to stand up and take there place peace be with us all a new day is rising. You guys definitely need to visit SC the belly of the beast where slavery started our brother here are very lost.

Jay Israel
Columbia, SC

What was missing from my life...

ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 02 18.06

I wanna start off by saying praise the most high he's more than wonderful i would like to thank him very much for leading my soul to iuic i was always wondering around trying to find out what was missing from my life and through the help of you brother's i found out that the truth is what i was missing from my life now i am free i want to join iuic i will leave every thing behind to walk with god i am serious my facebook page is derek yeargin you will see twisted up dreads on my cover picture. Please let me join i been lost for along time i belong there with you all. You brothers really inspire me. Nathanyel your awesome yahn you have alot of courage ezekiel your very brave i wish i knew all of your names so i could thank you all one by one. im ready to join im tired of this corrupt world iuic is the best i love you brother's keep doing your thing sincerely adira meira.... shalom

adira meira

To finally be blessed

ScreenHunter_19 Mar. 25 18.36

All my life I've always had the feeling I been lied to, and to finally be blessed with this truth I have the growin feeling that I must tell everyone I love and as well those that are truly blind in my community. Among the Bay area Cali it is much needed for your camp to visit! Shalom

Laneice Hicks
San Francisco ,Ca

I've Truly been born again

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 22 10.56

Shalom All Praises MHNCBUA! I have been walking in the truth for almost 5 months now. I have always known that my purpose was much greater than what I have encountered in my life. Since in the truth I have found out who I am and how to conduct myself as a daughter of the most high! Truly been born again I thank YAH for you all. Hopefully we can get a camp started here in my city or surrounding area.

Aryiela Judah Israel
Alexandria, Louisiana

I knew I was home.

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 19 18.56

When I heard the men of IUIC speak, I knew I was home.

Judith Baht Israel
Louisville, Kentucky

I found real salvation

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 19 18.49

I'm glad that I found real salvation in the real truth in the true Jesus Christ I pray all God People find out the truth.

Tammi McCoy
Dallas Texas

I was lied to

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 12 21.09

I give all Praises to the Most High for awaking me and giving knowledge to understand who I really am. I was lost as a idol worshiper, did everything that was an abomination to the most high, until one day I came home from work and my sister and I was looking up the origins of black people....from there I came across a site stating that the so-called Negro, Latino, and Native Americans are the true lost tribes of Israel, a feeling came over me full of relief and comfort I knew then that this was truth. I then begin to research and read scriptures the Bible...Genesis, Isaiah...etc after researching the lies history has taught as well I began to see things more and more clear Through The Most High words in scripture....Then after all those things I Began to accept that I was lied to and whole heartedly offered myself back unto the Father of our true four fathers, and have been praising, keeping his laws, and seeking him everyday now for a year. The most high brought me to this page Through Brother Seriyah...I was working when I approached him and another brother, I noticed their clothing first off and knew that they were the same as me Israel...they then told me about I.U.I.C and I then looked at videos and scriptures, and I knew this is where I need to be!!!!!!!!All Praises To The Most High!!!!!!!

Chaya Y'israel
Kannapolis, North Carolina

I know who I am

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 12 21.04

I was lost, but now I know who I am, and what God has planed for me
I am a man of war, waiting on the Most High to return
now I know the truth and now I am Free

Jephthah Israel
Dallas, Tx.

I was so lost and lonely

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 08 10.05

All praises to the Most High for allowing me to break away from Man's philosophies. Fear and anxiety no longer rule my body. I was so lost and lonely in this wicked world. It's amazing to learn how special I truly am. Thank you Father for allowing me to have understanding. Thank you for guiding me to IUIC. With their help my life continues to transform for the better. I constantly pray and examine myself to ensure nothing will pull me from this truth. MHNCB all you beautiful Israelites.

Raphaela Israel
Rochester, NY

I always knew something was missing

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 08 10.01

I think I always knew that there was something missing in my life. I tried going to different churches, and I eve joined a couple,but I was not finding what I needed. I would hear my son listening to IUIC videos,I thought he was crazy. He tried relaying information to me. but I was disputing it. He finally presented to me proof that I was an Israelite, and that the laws and commandments were still in effect. I am now on the narrow path to the Kingdom, and I have no intention of turning back. All praises to The Most High.

Aliza Mahola Israel
Detroit, Michigan

I now serve the Most High

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 08 09.57

I was always told since childhood in Baptist churches, that we just need be baptized and all sins would be washed away & that being under "grace" and just believing that Christ died for our (all nations) sins would secure my spot in heaven..(Ha Ha Ha).. So here I was living my life being one that didn't read the Bible often, unless I went to church, not to mention that "Bible" is also my slave name. So when people would see or hear of my full name, they swore up and down, I knew all there is to know about the Bible. Sad to say, I grew away from being one that goes to church all the time, and my Bible was surely getting dusty, but the entire time, I would mentally question myself on what it was I was REALLY supposed to do for Him. When I DID read, honestly I didn't know what I was reading nor what it really meant because I was reading bits and pieces like a fairytale and all the hard to pronounce names would throw me off. So one day, surfing on Youtube for everything but the right thing, my brother Marc & I, came across an IUIC Bronx camp video. We watched in excitement of the crowd and how people seemed rebellious and would say things like "I have a personal relationship with God!" or "The laws are written on my heart." to listen, or thought they knew the Bible but the camp ALWAYS had a Biblical verse to edify the crowd and "correct" them according to God's word .We both gained an unmatched interest in all the IUIC posted video's, and thanks to those videos, I started to slowly fade out of the "world" and gain the fear of the Lord. I now serve the Most High mentally, physically and verbally.

Marlon Bible

I am someone special

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.25

All Praises to The Most High God for awakening me. I had a long story to tell, but honestly I am grateful that my best friend of 26 years planted the seed for me to see who I really am using Duet 28:68, that I am someone special, that my heritage and culture did not start with slavery or as an African. I am most grateful my adult children and one of their spouses have also been awaken and understand who they are. May the Most High in Christ Bless repentant Israelites everywhere.

MagDanah bayt Yasharal
Detroit, MI

I've Been Changed

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.23

I Know I've Been Changed, I started watching IUIC in July 2013 and my life changed. I learned more about myself in this short time that I have been here then I learned My entire Life. I feel unworthy for the Most High to choose me to deliver His Truth to me. I thank the Most High for the way he has used the leaders of IUIC to help me become a better Sister, Mother Faithful servant, Friend and a Better Me.

Raziyah Israel
Baltimore, Maryland

A light to my people

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.20

I was born September 29, 1983 @ Hillcrest hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At age 3 my family moved to Dallas, where I was raised. At age 11, I had a dream that I was in the desert with a white tunic and a gold belt and had a long stick in my hand. (I had not seen the movie, " 10 commandments," and had no influence to build this discription. In the dream I remember the sand blowing violently, but nothing got in my eyes. I knelt to the ground and looked up to the sky and to my amazement I saw 2 eyes with every color imaginable, yet transparent in appearance. A voice from the sky spoke to me and said, " I Am." I never understood what the dream meant until a few months ago when I saw some brothers in purple (IUIC), preaching with boldness and power. I knew instantly what my sole purpose of being on this earth was to be a light to my people and utilize every gift that has been bestowed upon me to build the kingdom. My wife (Zarayah) and I are very greatful for the Most High opening up are eyes to His truth, and have dedicated every ounce of energy we have to building the Kingdom until Christ returns.

Zuriel Zemer Ben Israel
Terrell. Tx

I was lost as a Christian

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.19

I was lost as a Christian in church taking up space. Now, that I know who I am, an Israelite. I have grown so much. I've lost a lot of so called friends, but gained a Family!

Yada Ruahh Israel
Chandler AZ

I'm so thankful

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.16

I'm so thankful Jesus called and I answered all praise to the Most High GOD. No more lies plus i look at Esau and the other nations as spit with no mercy what so ever amen."JUDAAAAH.

james young

I've learned a lot

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 02 12.14

I've learned a lot coming out of Christianity but i would be lying if i didn't say it's been a constant struggle sometimes it doesn't seem like i can pull it together it's very difficult trying to rule my spirit but it must be done all praises to the MHNC for the opportunity to know and endure in this truth Luke 1:37

Mirriam Baht Israel

I look forward to growing

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 20 18.30

I am very happy to know who I am and where I belong. I look forward to growing in my profession and bringing others in.

Penny Williams
Arlington, tx

I'm truly free

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 18 20.42

Shalom, I've been in Christianity since the age of twelve and my zeal to know the LORD was great, but without knowledge. However, February 2013 I was crying out to the Most High on my bed of affliction and He lead me to IUIC. According to John 8:32 (King James Version (KJV)) "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Now I can say I'm truly free in Christ Jesus the Messiah that Revelation 1:14-15 speaks about.
The scripture that gives me hope and I cling to since I've been with IUIC is Jeremiah 31:35-36 (Israel is forever). This is my testimony to the glory of God; MHNCB!

Jedaiah Adaiah Israel
Glen Burnie, MD

I have been having ups and downs

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 18 20.40

I have been having ups and downs thank God for bringing me back to the truth and thank. God for my loving brothers and sisters that helped me get back on the right path Most high Christ Blessed!!shalom

Leah Israel

Glad to be tried

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 18 20.37

Glad to be tried and refined like Gold...
always wonder why we at the bottom.FROM THE ISLAND OF ANTIGUA BY WAY OF ORLANDO

Jahkim ben Isreal
Orlando, FLorida

I've learned so much

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 18 20.34

I was just a smart kid until i found the Most High. For what is knowledge without the Most High, it's just plain simplicity. I thank the Lord for sending one of his soldiers to me and my family in a time of need. I've learned so much from the brothers and sisters in iuic and i hope to futher extend my knowledge in this truth so that i take part of the future genration of israel revelation 22:21 shalom mhncb

Jeduthun Ben Israel

What I was really needing

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 18 20.31

I've always seeked the Most High for as long as I can remember but none of the churches or other doctrines such as Islam could not fulfill what I was really needing, the need to know who I was in the Bible. But once I found out I was an Israelite, I got on a mission to find people that found out the truth as well. My search was over when I found IUIC. The Bible is taught simple and plain, no fluff needed. the truth is so present. My soul no longer hungers or thirsts for the truth of who I am because I have truly found it. The Holy Bible tells us in Matt. 6:33 "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you". Hunger satisfied, Thirst satisfied. It's Kingdom time!

JP Stevens
Austin, TX

I thank the LORD

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 05 18.13

As a young black man, my life was moving from one activity to the next without any direction or guidance. I knew that there were many lies in Christianity, but I didn't know what was the right way so I just wandered from one false doctrine to the next. I thank the LORD that HE has called me into this truth, because I don't know how different my life would be if I continued to follow the ills of this world. Thank you Father for sending righteous brothers as guides to help save my life!

Uzziah Israel
Austin, TX

All my life Ive been lied to

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 02 20.19

All my life Ive been lied to in the church. When my lord pulled us out of the church and started teaching us (me and our kids) at home, then the Most High poured his spirit upon us. We are awake and we are happily following the Most High's laws, statues and commandments. We congregate on the Most High's Sabbath's with our brothers and sisters of IUIC. All Praises to the Most High!

Zemora Yisrael
Stafford Tx.

My life have change drastically

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 02 20.15

My life have change drastically upon learning who I am. I was a faithful church going tithing member and every time I attend church I always feel some type of way. I felt angry, and lost. TRUE story I prayed one Sunday after leaving church I asked the Most High for knowledge and understanding on who I was and to learn the real truth about His will and his way. So I went to work on a Monday and I was just so out of if (feeling lost) and my coworker called me and just so happen she was feeling the same way. She was telling me about her brother and the lessons that he attends weekly and so we got him on the phone on 3-way and boy did it start. He gave us a wealth of information and knowledge on the Most High and teachings about scriptures. We had 8 hours of bible study at work that day. From that point on I have been going to lessons, tuning in on line and studying my bible. And I stop going to the church that I was attending. After learning so much information now things make a whole lot of sense now!!! before things just did't add up and certainly did not make any sense what so ever. I am happy to learn history, and the things to come. I have a better perspective on life now and I am grateful that I am a humble enough person to listen and learn.

LaDiYah Judah Yisrael
Houston, TX

I've been lied to about everything

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 19 20.18

I am 17 years old and I came into the truth right before the passover last year! All praises! It was around So-called december the tenth month of the year when I began to wake up, though I wasn't until so called January. I had been getting into Christianity after learning that we lived in a world more evil than I thought it was. It didn't really bother me that I didn't see any people who looked like me teaching the gospel or jesus. I heard of a black jesus but I didn't know if it were true or not. But I guess I didn't because when I prayed, I had Cesare Borgia in my mind and white angels as well. I think this comes from the fact that I have seen my 5'4 mother yell at 6'4 Burned in the furnace man and control him. I never hated black men but I never saw them get as much respect and honor as the white men she giggled around. Now when I'm around my people, I think to myself wow I'm standing next to royalty! But I digress. My grandfather told my mom that she was raising us to hate our own people, which is true, because she had us living in Greenwich, CT and this is another digression but those white kids are way worse than black kids, but anyway when we were back in Maryland, she brought home a copy of Hidden Colors 2 and in the documentary, they said something about the story of Jesus being stolen(Christianity is a lie) and Jesus was black and his name was Yeshua. And I thought, wow, I've been lied to about everything. That stuck in my head though, it was all I thought about. Christianity being a lie and jesus being black. I didn't know what was true. So I did one thing that I've never done before then, I prayed to god literally saying, I know there is a god but I dont want to pray to the ants like the africans, I want to serve the true god, not a fabrication made up by men." And one day, I woke up to get ready for school and without thinking I grabbed my new laptop and searched, "The Real Jews Are Black" and my mind was woken. So I literally woke up to this truth!

Odeleya Baht Judah Israel
Silver Spring, MD

My mind is clear

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 15 19.42

My mind is clear to who I am today thanks to IUIC because I go to scriptures when they go to them and it's pretty understandable and I've learned a lot by reading the bible and asking the most high to let me understand ABOUT my ancestors everytime I read , and when I read the book of life it's like I'm there going threw what our people had to experience, and it's like I'm there with them . To see how this Babylon world is really opened my eyes even more it is a evil place that we are in, and we have to be strong until the most high returns and deliver us from this crap we call America, I'm so glad to the bottom of my heart to know I'm one of the most high chosen people, and deutoronmy 28 is so clear and understanding and the church will not tell you who you are , it's up for us to reveal it to our brothers and sisters, and the zanderman bible dictionary helps a lot as I'm studying also. I'm from the south where people ( our) people are so torn and won't give up these fake beliefs of Christianity and baptist and all that garbage which they say the commandments are for the Old Testament , that's what they try to tell me .... They are some dumb peoples and clearly the churches just read scriptures and quote scriptures and don't even tell you the laws statues and commandments , I'm glad I never went to church and the most high revealed to me about our people.

Tranorris Judah Israel
Eatonton , Georgia

I was always a very conscious person


I was always a very conscious person growing up; Searching for truth and moral grounds to hold stead fast my faith in things that i knew were right. Many religions I had studied never provided me with consistent truth and information that satisfied my thirst for Truth, although some of the aspects i agreed with, such as dietary, being proud to be of slave decent, not imitating Esau or any other nation, Respect, humility, order and structure of an household (man and women role) etc. I had studied Islam, Jehovah Witness, Christianity, Rastafarisum and although i had agreed with some beliefs I never committed myself or professed to be any of them because they were not consistent and truthful somewhere down the line BUT when i came across this truth of being an Israelite and IUIC - being the first and only camp I was drawn to - IUIC taught and showed me a VAST AMOUNT of the scriptural/ historical information and truth. I was overwhelmed with a sense of contentment and relief that finally my answers and prayers had been answered.

Psalms 107:9-
For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.

Matthew 16:26
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

I know my purpose and no longer am worried about the ways of this world.I am no longer depressed or confused with the way this wicked world is and no longer confounded to why i never felt like i belonged apart of this world because my motives and thoughts were never the same as the majority yet, I still had some purity left in my heart left untouched by the ways and influence of this wicked system of people.

Psalms 146:8
The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous:

Chauntelle (Chava) Baht Israel
London UK

I moved me to maryland to find myself

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 04 10.14

well i was born and raised in new york as a little girl i did things i had no business doing. I also had no father figure in my life and i was raised in a single parent home where as i got older the lies was building up i always was a spiritual person and read some of the bible and was curious of who i was since i was little i have 2 sister i grew up with. Me and my sisters was close my mother told me from being little to always listen and i did but she never taught me nothing about the bible and she always wanted me to go to church but something always felt wrong going. when i turned 10 years old i was watching some movie and something just struck in me and thats when i started to look at girls in a different way then going through the years it lead me to porn then just fornicating with different females then drinking and partying and loosing myself but then god started to distance me from those things little by little then it was this year i was looking at the illumanti things then he lead me to this man of god named tiero then to this pastor name pastor dowell and i have been doing my research on what they was saying then that when i sacrificed my life and gave it to the lord and he moved me to maryland to find myself and study more and get more knowledge and wisdom then he showed me the men of israel united in christ and have been faithful in this truth and have not turned back i believe in my father and that we are in the end times and i have repented as a israelite and am ready to do my father will to help this truth get out and also save our brother and sister soul and be a support to the men of christ.

beyta aaliyah
Brookyln, new york

The hand life dealt me

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 04 10.10

I was born and raised in SE Washington DC and was dealing with the hand life dealt me, I was told by my parents that I was a Christian but I never seen them go to church so I went on my own. As I longed to be closer to God it just seemed to me that I would go to church they would sing a song collect my money and then I would hear a five minute sermon about how much the pastor has or what plans they have on growing a bigger church community (buying more or building more churches). So from that point on I stop giving my money and then I stop going to Church all together. I have been in the truth for 3 months now and I have learned so much not only about the laws and commandments, but who I am and and where my ancestors before me came from. Since I found the truth my spirit has been uplifted and lightened just knowing I'm part of Gods chosen people.

Ariel Judah Israel
Washington DC

I have changed

ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 28 11.53

I was awakened about two yeas ago. I was raised in a baptist church. For the first time in my life I finally understand the Book(still learning). I study everyday, and my heart and soul are crying for more knowledge. My goal is to truly commit myself to the word, but it's a constant struggle in the world. I have changed but there is much more room for improvement. Please all that read this pray for me because I feel in my heart that one day I will receive a blessing to teach this word. When the time comes my Hebrew name will be given to me.

Darin Macon

I have learned who I am

ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 28 11.50

Growing up in the cult of Christianity I had many questions that never seemed to get answered. Every time I went to church I felt a sense of people looking at you and talking about you behind your back, and then the pastor would read literally 2 lines out the bible and everything he said was contradicting. Then in 2011 my brother called me and told me the truth and I said, "now that right there makes sense". All praises to the Most High God and his son Jesus the Christ. I have learned who I am and how to humble myself in all aspects of life. I have truly changed as a person and I give all praises to the Most High and his laws.

Tehila Israel
Durham, NC

The Most High Answered My Question

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 10 20.03

I was at the University of Michigan computer lab one night, and I was in tears because I was fed up with being looked at as a disease. I was tired of seeing the word Nigger written in big letters on the side of a parking Structure at the University. That night I asked God "why are blacks hated so much?", but there wasn't an answer from him. Not until 2012 when I first heard that my ancestors that were brought on slave ships fit the description of the Israelites in the bible, especially in Deuteronomy 28:68. That verse is what really convinced me that I was a descendent of a special people. I felt that the Most High finally answered my question I had asked him back in 2008.

I also learned that my daughter was also an Israelite from the tribe of Ephraim. I am so blessed know that she is also apart of the special people. All praises to the Most High!

Domonique Mayhawk Juda
Phoenix, AZ

I already was questioning everything

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 10 19.57

I grow up with both of my parents.., my dad a Gadite who in the sixties wear suit and ties, and in the seventies started dressing like a hippie/bohemian style. my mother also took on that style with out the partying spirit like my dad. So growing up my mother took a lot of time and care with my sister and brother and I, even throw her and my dad would allow us to have freedom to try things they both would say don't be afraid to try out different things like foods some being( abominations) of course, reading about different cultures, traveling and even listening to other styles of music so basically we grow up with an open mind about just about everything. So as a little girl I always had this very strong desire for God so I would go to church as early as seven or eight by myself my mother would get my clothes together and give me breakfast and I would go to the neighborhood catholic church and that started my many years of going to different churches...The first church being a catholic church even then I wondered who is this white man on everything that started my search for truth.., I attended baptize churches, seventh day Adventist because of the Sabbath and got tired of seeing all the white images. So one day reading the scriptures I ask the Lord "Am I one of these tribes" if so show me.., so one day I called a so-called Masonic Jew and asked him what tribe was I from and told me the tribes were lost...,so long story short time went by even before I made the call I had a son and his father was studying with the ISUPK at the time and he questioned me celebrating Christmas and I already was questioning everything.., so I asked him to let me talk to who he was studying with and that brother was high up in the church out of Detroit. So long story short I asked him what tribe I was from and he said gad and ever since then I been in the truth going on 13 years. But one of my biggest gifts have been finding Elder Nathaniel on YouTube teaching as it is written.

Sharawan Gad
Windsor Mill, MD.

I denounced my old way of life

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 07 16.28

Originally from Memphis, TN. I was raised like most so called black children in America. Single parent home & went to church as a custom. I was exposed to Methodist, Baptist, & Presbytarian doctrines. By the time I was 18 I experienced a water baptism because I believed I could be saved from hell. As time progressed, I was confused, & straddling the fence ("Christian logic"). I became a mother of 5 & married at 24. I suffered a mentally abusive Husband & eventually I left him. I ended up on my own, 5 babies, & a total misconception of God was. I would only read my Bible for a quick fix when I was feeling overwhelmed; unknowingly praying to "white Jesus". Eventually, I took a sinful trip to New Orleans, & met a brother in the Truth. I admit, I thought he was crazy. But because I was secretly searching for my background; I googled what he was trying to teach me. I ended up blown away. I began to study, watch videos, & ultimately denounced my old way of life. I have never felt so favored. All praises! MHNCB all of my sisters & brothers...

Natorri Boyce
New Orleans, LA

I was waiting for an example to follow

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 07 16.25

Back in 2009 one of my older brothers found out he was a israelite. Me being 15 at the time really didnt want to know the truth and wanted to stay in Christianity where nothing will be required of me. After i came to the conclusion that that my bro wasnt just a bugged out angry black man using a bible to justify his opinions. I did the DUMBEST(Sirach 5:7) thing anybody could do. I decided to put the truth on hold and repent "When im ready". I guess I was waiting for an example to follow instead of setting that example or just following Christ example 1 Peter 2:21.. When I was 17 something n my spirit just wanted to really know this bible so i went on youtube. Saw all these others israelites camps teaching how bill gates its controlling the population,Celebrities selling their souls, HAARP is what cause the earthquake in Hatit, Etc . Nothing really profitable for my everyday life. Then i saw this camp ISRAEL UNITED IN CHRIST teaching the LAWS of THE MOST HIGH WITH THE FAITH OF CHRIST, I knew about Elder Nathanyel and I.U.I.C in 2010-2011 but this was the first time i saw them in class room setting. After I watch " the joy of the Lord is your strength" I knew these Men was sent from The Most High. From there me living in Toronto Canada where leadership was not established at the time. Me being wicked as hell Instead of me trying to start me own camp i became a "Undercover Israelite"(Rev 3:15-16) still hanging around with friends having ungodly converstation, etc im blessed the TMH was merciful and didnt put me to death right then and there. Eventually i stop playing games and withdraw from those ungodly friends and started fellow shipping with other brothers and sisters who believe like i believe it became a regular thing(I.U.I.C Canada) (Psalm 119:74). All praises to TMH and His Son Christ for Elders, Deacons, Officers, for putting the spirit all them feed his flock The Children of Israel So called Blacks and Hispanics. Now TMH woke me up to wake the others

Hananiah-Levi Ben Israel

I've come to the light

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 06 17.43

I'm a 24 year old male located in Georgia from the tribe of Judah! I am well experienced in music production and audio engineering. Before this year in 2013, I was lost in the midst of sin not knowing my true nationality but I knew something wasn't right. After going to these dumb wicked churches, going through so much stress, heart break & confusion in my life, I finally started separating myself from the wickedness of this world and searched God nonstop. Then gracefully the Lord answered my prayers and lead me to Israel United In Christ to learn his word this year and keep his commandments to inherit eternal life. I've shared so many tears being lost in the darkness but now I've come to the light which is the law of the Most High God (Proverbs 6:23) and I've found true happiness. I always wondered why I never prospered by getting rich & famous in my music business but the whole time God had his hands on me and kept me safe from this wicked industry. It was tough but If it wasn't for the Lord, Satan would have took me away. All thanks & praises to the Most High In Christ for leading me to his truth and knowing that I'm an Israelite from the tribe of Judah! I pray that many more of his people, whom are Israelites, will wake up in these last days remembering who they are, come back to obeying Gods word, keep his commandments & stay strong till the end! MHNCB.

Alon Yisrael
Griffin Georgia

My life has been changed

ScreenHunter_16 Nov. 28 11.17

My father, was a pastor for 50 years so before collage I led a very sheltered life. I knew a lot of things I was doing was dead wrong, but I told myself these things, God would forgive me for them when I repented. I said to myself that, God, died for my sins. and God knew my heart. I found out about iuic when I watching ufo's in the bible and something about it reminded me of something I saw in real life on more than one occasion. This led me to investigate the subject of the bible more and more and came across IUIC on youtube and my life has been changed ever since.

Sonji Johnson
Shelby, NC

All I said was one prayer

ScreenHunter_16 Nov. 14 21.08

All I said was one prayer. My prayer was to know the truth about everything. I instantly was filled with a hunger that couldn't be quenched. I always felt like life was worthless. I was self-destructive. Gang banging, crack sales, gun toting menace to society. In and out of jail since I was 16. I was an adopted child that always felt like he had nobody. Nobody understood. I would wake up in the morning and be mad that I woke up. I use to pray to die. But I didnt, so I tried to change. But when I pursued truth of Abba Yahweh my life did a 180. All He wanted me to do was to seek him for who He was and not what a person said. Then he sat me down, showed me my whole life and how He designed it to bring me right to Him. Praise YAH!

Edward Jones
Houston, Texas

I knew I was doing wrong


I was at a point in my life where I knew I was doing wrong but I didn't know exactly what it was that was wrong, and why it was wrong. it was like the scripture John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: I would ask questions on the things that were convicting me but I was getting excuses on why those things were OK but I would still feel convicted. I started watching IUIC on you tube and I couldn't stop watching, everything that was being taught in 2 weeks of watching videos was contrary to the things I have learned in the past 2 yrs of my knowing I was an Israelite. like women dressing in modest apparel is supposed to be a lifestyle not just on the Sabbath, Joseph is the Father of Jesus, there is no such thing as immaculate conception, there is no such thing as boyfriend and girlfriend according to the bible, we are to wear fringes with a border of blue, we are to break bread when we fellowship not just during the feast of unleavened bread; all kinds of things were new to me and this was the real truth because it was supported by the scriptures! after 2 weeks of watching videos in every moment of my spare time, I threw out all my pants and brought a sewing machine and sewed on my first fringes with blue ribbon. THEN was I able to see the separation between my family and friends and the persecution began. little do they know I use it as motivation to keep seeking the Lord. I am so thankful for the Most High choosing me to know the truth, and I pray that I am able to accomplish what he elected me to do for his name sake. and that all who join in this movement will see the glorious day of Israel truly being united with Christ in the kingdom. AMEN

Naomi Sarah Israel
St.Paul, MN


ScreenHunter_15 Nov. 07 18.03

I was born in Haiti, from a catholic mother, and raised by my 7th day Adventist father and wife. At the age of 16, the pastor tried to molest me. I left and joined the Baptist church down the street. In my heart I feel something is missing. One of the many problems we have in today society is religion. I heard of the Hebrew Israelite, but the ones that I met practice polygamy and practice many things that the bible classifies as abominations. Above all, they don’t recognize Christ. It’s only 8 months ago that one of my co-worker called me told me about the IUIC, and I have been studying online and the Atlanta school since then. As the elder formulate it in our last class, IUIC is not an organization, but an organize nation. I am grateful to the Most High for allowing me to find the true about where I’m from. Better late than never; now that I'm knocking on my 50. If one don’t know where they from; it will be difficult to reach their true destination.


I had the American spirit

ScreenHunter_15 Nov. 07 18.01

Being in the Army I had the American spirit, full of pride, and all that comes along with being a soldier in esau's military. I was not looking for some truth and I was comfortable living and doing what I was doing with the mind set of "before I die i'll accept Jesus" as if I was in control. My whole world changed once I heard the truth of the Bible while stationed in Hawaii. After hearing that we were the Israelites and listening certain scriptures being broke down I knew I was never going back to my old self(Lords will). I had never actually looked in a Bible until March 2013 and now I can't put it down. All praises to the Most High for guiding me to IUIC and for guiding me to Texas with some great brethren and leaders that I look up to and hope to grow in this truth with.

Jeremiah Israel
Killeen, Texas

I was just the typical Christian

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Prior to me hearing this truth, I was just the typical Christian who always attended church every Sunday, but never learned a thing. I always had a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the scriptures, but for some odd reason I was never able to grasp it. Until one Sunday...the most High made the weather so bad, that me and the rest of my family were snowed in, and had to stay home that Sunday instead of going to church. That same day, my little cousin asked my mother, "Why do we go to church on Sundays, when the bible says that the Sabbath is on Saturday?" We were all shocked at what he said because it made perfect sense, but couldn't believe that it came from him, a child who knew nothing about the bible. So my mother began to search the internet to find the answer to his question, and it so happened that she stumbled across a youtube video of Elder Nathanyel breaking down the Sabbath. The following weeks after she had found the youtube page 'Nathayel7' I noticed how she began to wear dresses, with little strings hanging from the edges of it...and I noticed that she started to wear headwraps and was reading the bible more and more. She would attend bible class online and I would walk by and make little jokes at her asking if she was Muslim. But one day, Elder Kani and Deacon Abbayael traveled all the way from Florida to Virginia and payed us a visit. We all sat down and they taught us the scriptures precept upon precept, line upon line. And immediately, that's when I was awaken to this marvelous truth. I immediately began to see and recognize the lies of Christianity. I remember the first question I asked Elder Kani that night... "How is it that you guys know the bible so well, and how can I get this kind of knowledge?" Elder Kani tells me to read Psalms 111:10, and tells me to start by fearing God and keeping his commandments. I've been doing so ever since, and the Lord's word has not failed me ALL PRAISES!!

Tobiyah Israel
Richmond, Virginia

I'm finally on the right path to serve The Most High

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Being in church since I was a infant I grew up with what seemed to me as the right knowledge of my Lord and savior. Life always seemed so rough growing up but my mom always humbeled herself to the Lords will. She was to soon marry and leave our well known church family. She explained to me how she began to question things and how they pretty much told her off. This led me to think to myself of all the weird things I witnessed in the church scene over the years. By age 18 I began to feel lost and that church just wasn't for me. I went off to college and ended up finding myself in prison. When in there God told me I'd have 2 choices, stop my sin and follow him or do as I please and reap the punishment. I was released and finished up college. By age 23 I was married and had 2 sons. Soon there after God came back to me as what I'd call decision time. I began seeing posts on my friends Instagram and I thought. Wow this seems to answer all the questions I've been having. He spoke to me and showed me the brothers on Slowly but surely I found myself easily letting go habits of old and embracing my title as One of Gods chosen people from the tribe of Judah! My mission is to spread the truth however and wherever I can. To have been lost for so long it feels good to finally feel and know I'm finally on the right path to serve The Most High, Shalom!

James Feather stone
Laurel md

Everything Changed Went I Went To Alabama

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Well Everything Changed Went I Went To Alabama Mid Fall Of 2012, Being Out In The Country Was Just So Peaceful. I Had A Chance To Speak With My Friends Grand Father, He's About 96yrs Old. He Was Telling Me So Much About Life, And All The Changes He Has Seen In America, and The One Thing That Has Never Changed Was He Faith In God. No Matter How Hard Situations Became, Or Who He Lost In His Life He Always Felt Like TMH Was With Him. I Came Back To Maryland Feeling More Open to God and Willing To Finally See What The Big Fus was About Being Godly. So I Began To Read. A HUGE RED FLAG WENT UP When I Read Genesis 15:13, So I Kept Reading Then I Came Across Exodus 4:6, AND IM LIKE WAIT WAIT WAIT, They Never Showed That In THE MOVIES!! In My Mind Im Like WOW What Power Would It Be For God To Turn A Hand That's Already White, WHITE? So I Kept Reading Then I Got To Leviticus 13:6 And Another HUGE RED FLAG WENT UP. I Said To Myself If The Children Of God Are White Why Would It Be Such A Terrible Thing If They Have White Skin!!! So After That Went To The Internet, and I Searched True JEWS, and All This Information Came Up Videos, Testimonies, Articles, Scholars Claiming That The So Called Jews In Israel Now Are Fakes! And That's When I Came Across These Brother IUIC MHNCB. All Praise To The Father For Waking Me Up Restoring My Heritage, and Nationality. Ever Since Then Its Just Been A Non Stop Learning Session. I Just Want To Know More, and More, and More I Want To Be In That Number 144.000 Saints Of THM! I Finally Stopped Being A Nigga, African American, Black Man, And Became A True Child Of TMH an Israelite From The Tribe of Judah A Lion In The Lords Name!

Nahshon Yisrael
Laurel, MD

The Most High lead me to IUIC

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 24 20.08

The Most High lead me to IUIC in February 2013 after being in Christianity for over 37 years since the age of 12. Seem like life for me have always been obscure and challenging, but all praises. Touched by my grandfather at the age of 7, depressed and suicidal for over 26 1/2 years and ate until I was over 400 pounds because of this, suffered rejection from my parents and other family members, 1978 at the age of 14 delivered from aids (that person died in 1995), 1994 healed from a Madura foot, 1998 healed from a deadly abscess in my back, 2001 healed from ikoli in both kidneys from eating a bad burger from Wendy's, and many other things I suffered causing my faith to grow stronger. And none of these things separated me from the love of God. In fact, in all these things I've became more than a conqueror through Jesus the Christ; all praises. As I continue to search after God in my youth to my adult life, there was a zeal but not according to knowledge. Some thought I was Seven Day Adventist because I kept the Sabbath. And others thought I was Jehovah Witness because I did not observe any of the pagan holidays, especially Christmas. I didn't know how to explain this because the churches I've been affiliated with throughout this journey to IUIC did not keep the Sabbath and observed the pagan customs of this world. In 2006 I began to confront the very thing that made me depressed and won. The Most High began to give me a make over inside and out in 2008; lost a great amount of weight until I don't even look like same person. The icing to the cake is when I was lead to IUIC and the "Truth" became very clear to me (thank you especially to Elder Nathanyel and Deacon Asaph). The Most High made it very clear to me in I Corinthians 10:21, "That I couldn't eat from His table and the devils table too." His table is the Sabbath and the High Holy Days and the devils table is Sunday and all the pagan holidays. Of course, the LORD's table is what I chose...

Jedaiah Adaiah Israel
Glen Burnie, MD

Toda mi vida estube engañado

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 23 20.36

Toda mi vida estube engañado en la mentira mas grande que hay: el ser un catolico .Cuando tenia la edad de 15 años Estudie 4 años en un seminario catolico en Mexico, para ser sacerdote donde lo unico que aprendi fue a decir la Mentira ,ala que a todos nos inculcaron desde pequeños que tenemos un Dios Blanco y que todo es amor para Dios y para todos.y lo peor de todo a meternos una imajen de CRISTO FALSA y a pensar mas en los miles de esculturas y imajenes falsas ,de santos que ni existen y olvidarce de seguir los Mandamientos.Me sali del seminario y me case despues de unos años. Despues me vine a estados unidos a trabajar y pasaron varios años y tuvimos 3 hijos. Empece a tener dudas de la religion catolica y me sali, pero mi esposa seguia siendo catolica como por dos años mas.Ella seguia llendo alas misas los Domingos y mis 3 hijos con ella.En ese tiempo cuando conoci la verdad estava trabajando en un centro comercial(mall) haciendo el trabajo de Mantenimiento por 10 años y fue cuando conoci a Isacar Ben Israel entro a trabajar al Mall y el me empeso hablar de la verdad ,yo al principio pense que estava loco y no le ponia mucha atencion alo que el me decia .Todo el cambio empeso cuando empece a leer y a buscar lo que el me decia y los primeros dias ni me queria dormir donde siempre estava buscando informacion de lo que el me decia ,tarde varios meses para poder darme cuenta de lo que el me estava diciendo era la Verdad y empece a seguir los mandamientos que iva aprendiendo poco a poco .Lo dificil vendria despues con mi esposa y mis 3 hijos para convencerlos de la verdad por que ellos seguian en la religion catolica ,y primero le empece hablar a mi esposa de lo nuevo que estava descubriendo y lo que es la Verdad y no me creia cuando le decia que tenemos un Dios Negro y que Cristo tambien era Negro, aunque todo lo que yo le decia se lo demostrava con las Escrituras y ella seguia creyendo en la mentira(religion catolica) ,Ella y los niños y yo estavamos pasando por un tiempo bien dificil en nuestras vidas y estubimos bien cerca de llegar al Divorcio ,ella me decia que estava bien loco y que nunca dejaria alos niños entrar a la verdad.Me tomo casi 4 meses de pasiencia para demostrarle que la Veradad es el Camino correcto para la vida de Nuestra Familia y de Nuestra Salvacion y desde entonces todo volvio a ser nuevo en nuestras vidas y todo lo que hacemos lo hacemos pensando en DIOS y en Nuestro Señor JesusCristo para Siempre.

Israhias Ben Israel
phoenix ,Arizona

Church was a everyday thing for me

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 17 20.11

Being the Great grandson of the "first lady" of the Baptists church. Church was a everyday thing for me as Steve Harvey put it we were in church Mon-Sun. The older i got the more question i began to have. Moving up north I began to encounter the MANY different religions and denominations. One question that i always wondered why do we praise Jesus more then we do The Most High? Of course I never got a biblical answer. I would ask various religious leaders why this was or as the bible say in Amos 3:3 and they all told me "They all had Jesus blood in common & somethings in the bible could not be explained because God was a mystery." @16 i knew that was BS not to mention the look on their faces told they really didn't have a clue. Thus left me lacking wisdom; wavering like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

I had a blunt in my right hand and a bible in the left. my family members just knew as I got older i was going to be a "preacher". Not me I said! Between people and family members telling me; I was never sure what the Most High was saying . My mom nick name me Jonah; lol i never understood why. It wasn't till i realize no matter how much i ran the Most High was their and would not leave me alone and finally i humbled myself & prayed and ask the Most High what it is he wanted of me. It was at moment in my life when i began to really take God words serious and began doing what 2timothy2:15 tell us to do that i came across a few of the Elders videos and it was if a dove had descended from the heaven and my eyes were truly open. It's didn't take music, a famous person, or some so-called Bishops crafty monologue for me to come into this truth. It was the word of God which slice me indeed like a two edged sword. The truth indeed set me free! All praises to the Most High and Christ!!

KaLef Judah Isreal
District Hts, MD

I realize that I had been lied to

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 17 20.08

Someone once said to me,"the more you read this book (speaking of the Bible) the more you will understand that you are reading about yourself"at that time I didn't understand what he was talking about, I thought the man was crazy. But as I read and learn more especially when I read Deuteronomy the 28th chapter tears came from my eyes I understood exactly who this was talking about. I realize that I had been lied to all my life, it had all come together, and I am hungry to learn more, it seems that every spare minute I have I am on the web watching a video from Israel United and Christ and reading along in the Bible with no twisted interpretation as it is written. My friends tell me I need to get a life LOL, I laugh back and say I've got one do you? Home sweet home all praises to the Most High and Christ.

Carl Harmon
Windsor Mill Maryland

For as long as I can remember

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 14 10.30

For as long as I can remember I have had this feeling that something was not right with churches that I visited. I watch these so called children of God praise His name & as soon as service was over smoking, cursing,& back to sinful lives! I always felt like the Most High was trying to reach me to be so much greater than this world has to offer me. My former Bishop & other pastors preaching the same sermon every sunday! LIES!!!!!! Down here in Albany Ga. is the devils playground! The churches has failed my people, so I thank the Most High for IUIC!!!

Uzzi (Hebrew עוזי `OoZY) Ben Israel
Albany, Ga.



I am from Mississippi , and i was raised by my grandmother and my aunt. My mother was raised in a foster home and she had no real parental guidance. She couldn't deal with raising me and gave me to my grandmother. I later moved to Jackson,ms where it was me ,my sister,my grandmother and aunt. I and my siblings would visit our father on weekends and where witness to his violent nature towards women. It seemed for years i wondered why i had to witness this behavior and why does this man have to be my father?...I started going to a Adventist church my mother took me to when i was 10 years of age where i have belonged until recently. One day i was sitting in church and i was wondering why am i here?? I barely went to church i couldn't go anymore. One night i was sitting on my bed and i told the lord i wont open my bible until you show me what you want me to know until i know the truth about who i am and why am i here. I had grown tired of sitting in church feeling lost and deprived. It happened that my sister showed me a video of iuic and it took a few days but i finally sat down and paid attention. MY life started changing right then and there. I had a passion to understand who i am ? where am i from?? why am i here?? IUIC answered all my questions through the word of TMH i knew it to be true ...I know why and where im going...I know why im here...I THANK MY IUIC ELDERS,DEACONS,AND FAMILY..I KNOW THAT I AM FAIRLY NEW BUT I KNOW THIS TO BE MY WALK...THIS TRUTH TO BE MY LIGHT SHALOM...

Eshel Michelle Israel

I am grateful

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 14 10.25


I am grateful to be affiliated with people who know who they are. Praise the most High!

Naomi Buie-Gwyn
Washington, DC

I knew I had heard the truth!

ScreenHunter_14 Sep. 09 21.30

I watched a video on youtube called the curses and was given Deut. 28 as soon I heard those scriptures I knew I had heard the truth! Now I know how wicked I was in my past i'm humbled and honoured that the most high chose to wake me out of the deep sleep! I have been studying online with IUIC for a little over a year, at first I was one of those rebellious women saying ' I'm not joining any camp etc...' then I got sick and the most high revealed his word to me through an audio about sickness and prayer from IUIC, I got well and I Repented, I changed my whole life! I'm now on the path to righteousness, my main focus is keeping the commandments, fellowshipping with my brothas and sistas in this truth and waking our people up! Ecclesiastes 12:13! I'm in the UK and have just started fellowshipping with a few IUIC sistas here, I'm humbled that the most high has chosen me and transformed my life to a righteous one so that other Israelites who I grew up with will see how I am now and will hopefully wake up and REPENT and start keeping the most highs laws. Without IUIC's efforts getting out their videos and teachings I wouldn't have known how to repent, I heard the truth but i didn't know the law, I read the law but didn't really understand half of it! I do pray for IUIC to come to the UK and wake our brothas up! I will support IUIC as long as I can through alms and just being here to talk to, If I can help in anyway I will do my best! Hebrews 10:23 All Praises to The Most High! Shalom

Sharon Yasharhla

Jesus Looks Like ME?!

ScreenHunter_13 Sep. 02 14.10

Jesus Looks Like ME?!

It was such an empowering thing to know that the way my hair grows out of my head is not only beautiful because it is chemically untreated, but because MY LORD AND SAVIOR's hair looks EXACTLY the same!
As a black woman growing up in the South, I have had my share of feeling as though I had no identity, and especially, no purpose. Through much divine revelation, I now have a purpose in supporting our men in faith and teaching our women how to be virtuous according to the scriptures.

All Praises and love,

Sharolyn F
Stuarts Draft, VA

I like everything that's going on

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 29 19.49

Shalom brothers. I like everything that's going on, like how ya'll talk to the public. They need to hear it, man those wolves are tough out there but the word is sharper than a two edged sword. The truth shall be revealed in the name of yah and the son yehoshua SHALOM my brothers in the anointed.

dani'el yahdah
dallas texas


ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 26 19.36

This is the question that I wondered after deciding to read the bible after spending two years in the baptist church as an adult. I used to go to church as a child with my grandmother. After a while I stopped going and continued growing up in a life of sin. In 2009 I went back to church thinking that doing so would get me right with God. WRONG!!!! All Praises to The Most High that I decided to read the bible in 2011 starting with the old testament. As I was reading, I was perplexed by these hard-headed people. I just couldn't understand that after all The Most High did for them, how could they turn their backs on Him like that. I then simply googled, "who are the biblical Israelites?" and I came across a website with biblical scriptures that sounded very familiar so I opened my KJB to verify this information. Then I thought to myself, "Somebody on youtube has to be teaching this. The first video I came across was a street teaching with Elder Nathanyel. I left the baptist church about two months later and decided that I would repent and follow the true Christ and keep the commandments of The Most High with Israel United in Christ. Praise The Most High for the great awakening!!!!!

Nyela Baht'Israel
El Cajon, CA

I always knew something was terribly wrong

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 22 20.06

I always knew something was terribly wrong but could never seem to figure it out. I grew up in the way most of my people grow up, in a "broken home". I was raised by multiple family members after my mom had passed, and we always "talked" about God but nobody ever opened the bible and read it. As I got older I started to realize that when it came to the bible that everyone was fake. I had an argument with my sister and I told her if people really believed that the bible is truly the word of God how come you never see people reading it and conversing about the things that are written all the time 24/7. I mean if you really believe that's going to be all you talk about and the only thing that matter in life right. So at that point of my life I started thinking well I believe that their is a higher power and i'm not sure about the bible. Until I ran across I.U.I.C's Jacob and Esau's video on youtube. I watched all the videos I could back to back to back falling asleep on the keyboard. I have never felt so loved in all my life. I learned so much in one hour then I have ever learned I mean precept after precept line upon line. I knew from the very first video that my life had changed forever. It was truly the message I had always waited for. Since then The Most High has given me the strength to repent and the faith to be able to get my house in order and become the man that God created me to be. I.U.I.C has been the best thing to ever happen to me for two reasons, they teach straight out of the book and they don't play games. Real men of God. All praises to the Heavenly Father and his son Christ for leading me to the truth.

Judah Ben'Israel
Victorville, CA

I was serving fake gods

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 19 19.46

Shalom !
I was serving fake gods and embracing other nations like they were my own. Until one day i was on my way to the Islamic Masjid riding the Phoenix Light Reel. Then a brotha whom had seen me dressed in Islamic garments explained that I wasn't a descendant of Ishmael but of Abraham and Isaac. He didn't say much but I understood everything because it made so much sense. Ever since that day my life has change. The Most High has blessed me over and over again. My walk is stronger then ever. I'm not afraid of the truth, and there is no way that these devils can win.The worst mistake the devil made was to leave the gate open, and let me be free. The truth is out.

Tyson Harvell
Fort Wayne,Indiana


ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 17 10.10


antonio mitchell
akron ohio

I was so delusional

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 12 20.49

My whole life, since I can remember, I've been faithful! I been faithful to drugs, men, and all types of sin. Since I can remember my thoughts have been evil and my actions have been worst. Crazy (I know), but I was so delusional, that when I prospered in evil deeds, I believed it was because The Most High was allowing me to be successful in sin. I was faithful in being wicked! (And since this is my testimony, let me testify). I was the most wickedest women that I know, and at that time I didn’t even know. See, I never knew how wicked my wickedness was, because all my life I heard that as long as I say “Jesus forgive me” that He would, now to big ole wicked me this meant that Jesus died to give me a free pass to sin, repeatedly, And I did just that. Now I would love to say that I got tired of been wicked and decided to give my life to God, but that's far from the truth, I loved every abominable moment of that wicked life. But The Most High love me more and He decided that it was time, so He gave me a pure miracle the gift of believing! After I heard that I was an Israelite chosen of God! Immediately I was set free! The Most High see something in me that I will never see, and I'm petrified of disappointing Him. I know that I could never be Kingdom worthy but I hope to be Kingdom ready when Christ returns! I give Thanks, Honor and all the Praises to The Most High God and His son Jesus the Christ for Blessing me of all people with this priceless treasure. I'm truly Blessed above deserving! All Praises to The Most High for IUIC being God fearing and, yet fearless in teaching the true Word of God! Keep up the Lords work brothers! Shalom Family! MHNCB you all!

Ushria Shula Israel
Decatur, Al

I did not grow up in the church

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 05 20.41

I did not grow up in the church. My mother would go and us kids stayed at home with my dad listening to gospel music while cleaning the house. That was my church. It gave me a a deep love for god. As an adult I had difficulty finding a church home that could fill my spirit and keep me awake. Most preachers read one scripture and then talk for two hours on the subject matter without backing anything up with the bible. I finally found a church home. It was non denominational there was no white jesus anywhere he spoke against gays going to heaven and he got on the ladies and mens cases about whorish behavior. I stayed there 11 years and it changed my life so much that I hated to leave. But I had too when I began research. One day I happened to come across some Israelites on you tube and they were mean and nasty to people but kind of funny. I never contacted them because I was scared to lol so I began to do my own research on the things they were saying and a few videos later I found IUIC. I was so happy to see there was another side. It felt like I found what I had been looking for all these years and thats to learn the bible and understand it correctly and the bonus was after all these years of hating history I have fallen in love with it now and cant get enough of it. Thank you for exsisting!! You have me now and your stuck with me... All Praises Shalom

Eliana Kefira Israel
Akron Ohio

I grew up in the church

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 05 20.34

I grew up in the church singing on the choir, going to church many times out of the week. My family is full of ministers, bishops and women teachers. I wondered why with all this teaching nothing was changing. I was compelled to separate myself from my family and friends, went on a Daniels 21 day fast and at the end that fast I was introduced to the truth. I'm so grateful and excited to know and understand that this Bible clearly includes my true history and I am able to teach my daughters the correct way. My family thinks I'm lost and confused. They think I'm Muslim and I laugh and tell them I read the same Bible you'll have been trying to teach for years. I thank the Most High Yah for exposing me to this group of Elders. I don't feel alone in this thing now. I pray for even more understanding as I grow and continue to be educated through IUIC teaching.

Sherrickia Ysrael
Charlotte, NC.

I was actually curious

ScreenHunter_13 Jul. 30 20.17
This passed year I was actually curious about the whole "BIBLE" situation and also looking back on history...I was about to become a Muslim and even a Orthodox Jew...soely based on that they follow they "Book" to the T...But while I was discussing this with my cousin Chaviv Judah he was also going through what I was going through...because growing up in the Baptist Church it was all wrong, NO One I Mean NO ONE was keeping any commandments...He stumbled onto IUIC via youtube and told me to check you guys out...the so called "Israelite's" here in my city are radicals they have two or more wife's, eating swine and not rocking them good ole blue border and fringes...and only Most High knows what else...but I've been attending online classes since April 2013...and praying one day I can move up to Deacon status and spread wisdom through out the Mid-West and help the 12 Tribes move get the foot of the Edomites off our necks...I Want To Thank The Brothers and Sisters for helping on this Journey and you guys will stay in my prayers...Once Again Shalom!!! JJJJJUUUUDDDDDDAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Most High in Christ Bless
John 5:24 - Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.
Michaiah Israel
Omaha, NE

I didn't know where I fit in

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 23 19.57

I want to thank you brothas for peeling away the scales that kept me blinded for 30 some odd years. I was raised a Jehovah Witness and always felt I was not really being taught the TRUTH!! I felt like I didn't know where I fit into The Most Highs kingdom. You brothas have made reading the Bible a lot easier for me because I now understand what and whom the Bible is talking about. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of The Word that I wasn't getting with the JW's..thank you so very much!!!! Shalom!!

Meade Israel

I came into this truth in 2011

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 23 19.51

I came into this truth in 2011. I was tired of reading the bible and and reading words I didn't understand and just skipping on to the next word. I decided to go back to the beginning of the book and every word I came across I didn't know I was going to research it. I started my understanding by researching the nations and found out who the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites were, I never knew. When I seen and heard about all the animals dying all over the world in Jan 2011 I said to myself that's in revelations I read it but had no understanding that's when I decided to truly study the word. Upon doing this one great day I seen a video from Elder Nathanyel and Former Elder Baraksha it was the Arab Israeli controversy. I had been researching for a couple months by then and had seen other camps from ISUPK to GOCC to The We Got Next movement, but the Elder had more precepts and understanding of those precepts then i had seen thus far and I was hooked on this truth. From there I was looking just for Nat7 but the videos were being taken off youtube, so I continued my research without the elders videos and couple months went by and I ran into Nat7 is back on the streets then found IUIC I printed out all the study guides and material and just was reading all the info not realizing I could be in class so I finally figured out how to get in class, and my family and I have been on ever since this was some time in Oct 2012. All Praises to The Most High for all you brothas and sistas. I always knew there was more fore me since 1999 I would get kicked out of churches for my questioning the preacher even my own uncle now I know and with understanding Shalom, Shalom!!

Jary (Yah-ree) Ben Israel
Tacoma, WA

I grew up lawless

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I grew up lawless and carefree. I was exposed to many things growing up but God was never one of them. It was because of this, I feared nothing and had no morals. Jeremiah 4:22 says it best, I was wise to do evil, but to do good I had no knowledge. I was living by the motto "one life to live" and I wasn't going to let anyone or anything dictate how I lived it. I was in the midst of every sin imaginable, and looking back the amount of grace the Most High showed me is incredible. I found pleasure in the way I was living my life and had no intentions on changing it. However, the Most High had a very different plan, and overnight turned my world upside down. In a span of six months I was divorced, lost my job, house, and after going to jail for a DUI was kicked out of school. I took a major reality check, and had to step back and really examine my life. Hosea 5:15 in their affliction they will seek me early. What was going on wasn't just a string of bad luck, but something far greater. I came to the harsh reality that I was a bad person , and I decided to do the one thing I had never done before. Seek God. I spent the next year or so trying to make changes in my life and did what I thought was serving God. I was looking for answers in all the wrong places and fell into a deep depression. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong and the harder I tried the worse it got. Until one night I decided I couldn't do it anymore and wanted take my own life. I prayed and asked for a sign, anything to show me he existed and if he did I'd spend the rest of my life serving him and only him. The next day someone says to me " you know you're an Israelite." It was Officer Issachar. He dropped the truth to me, and I instantly knew I had found what in was looking for. I want to give all praises to the Most High and Christ for leading me to IUIC where not only am I learning who I am and what my purpose is according to the bible from the great men here, but also where I found a home.

Officer Michael Levi Ben Israel
Phoenix, AZ

I always wondered

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I always wonder who i truly was because i felt there was something more so i ran across Israel United In Christ website through youtube and i was so amazed at what i was hearing. I have learned so much through the Elders teachings and I will not look back since. All praises to The Most High, thank you so much brothers for changing my life.

Shemika Duhone

I was always treated like the black sheep

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Shalom! An All Praise to the Most High, I Thank God for the truth, when I was a young girl I was always treated like the black sheep of the family I thank the Most High for that because I now know that I was never mint to fit in with the crowd, when my Husband an I found out who and what we where in the body our lives have changed so much our marriage is better, and our 10 year old Son loves telling his Hebrew classmate who they are, one day he was getting ready to take a test his teacher told him to mark African-American he told her no she ask way not he told her that he was a Hebrew Israelite and she walked off upset, that made me so proud of him and now my 4 year old is knowing who is, thing are going a lot better than ever it is so wonderful that my family is truly walking in the steps that are truly order by the Lord I thank God for the awakening of my soul and learning the truth. All Praises to the Most High HALLELU-YAH

Azaliyah Baht Israel
Kannapolis NC

My Journey to making the ultimate commitment

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“My Journey to making the ultimate commitment to the Most High through Christ”

About five years ago I came across a group of Israelites teaching in my city about our heritage. What they taught made sense but I was not compelled to fellowship with them. A year or so later a friend of mine introduces me to the YouTube website to watch videos. I then searched for Hebrew Israelites and several groups came up in the search. Most all the groups at that time taught that Blacks, Native American and Latinos are the true Israelites, which seemed to be the only message they had in common. Few taught the keeping of the commandments and repentance, and most taught hate for the very people they were stating was God chosen people. The contradictions and much confusion made my coming into this truth difficult and a much longer process. I began watching Israel United in Christ (IUIC) videos online. There were teachings on false images, religions, the commandments, etc. I even inquired additional information and received free DVD’s.

I eventually started to observe the Sabbath no cooking, buying/selling and working. However I continue to struggle with my addiction to cigarettes and even sometimes smoking while watching lessons on YouTube, in addition to not adhering to the dress code. In 2011 I started to watch more of IUIC videos and less of others. I went to IUIC website and read the entire site to learn more about the congregation and signed up for the online classes. The more I watch their online classes, the more I had a resolve in repenting and keeping the commandments. I ask the Most High to remove the desire to smoke cigarettes from my heart, and prayed for a better job opportunity in order to adhere to the dress code. A few months later the Most High through Christ granted me just that. I did receive a better job, purchased dresses/skirts, got rid of my pants and stopped smoking. I now observe the high holy days & keep the commandments the best I can.

Aiesha Mitchell
Washington DC

I was lost like most other people

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I was lost like most other people and had no idea who I was or who The Most High was. I was living the street life criss crossing the country doing evil. One day I was overcome with a desire to find out about The Most High and stop living how I was living. I started going to church, got Baptized but I thought that the Baptizim was off because I still felt the same as before I went under the water. I was seriously thinking of getting it done again....the first one didn't take. I thought it was because I was going to a non Sabbath keeping church and switched to a Sabbath keeping Holy day keeping church.....but I still felt something was off. Then one day about three weeks ago I was messing around on youtube and a video of a brother that said that I was not african american but was an Israelite...and proved it....this blew my mind, They taught me more about the Bible in a fifteen minute video than all of my years in the church. Now I know that what was off was I was not learning the truth, well The Most High has led me to the truth and it is being taught by the brothers here at IUIC......all Praises to THE MOST HIGH!!!!

Ezra Ben Israel

I don’t have to be afraid anymore

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I don’t have to be afraid anymore…
I grew up in complete confusion and vain deceit. I was afraid of a lot of things in my life. I allowed that fearfulness to run me and keep me from using wisdom in my choices.
1st John 4:8; There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

But in 2011, that fear began to go away when my husband started researching who we are in the Bible. As he studied and gained proper understanding of the Bible as taught by the leaders of Israel United in Christ, he taught our children and me. My questions were answered with concrete precepts that come from the Bible and historical evidence.
2nd Timothy 1:7; For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Now, I have my purpose and give all praises to the most High for my husband, for the God-fearing leaders of IUIC, and my repentant Israelite family scattered all over the world.
Philippians 2:12-13;
12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Shalom and MHICB!

Sarah Israel from the House of Officer Marataza
IUIC- San Antonio, TX

I was raised up as a catholic

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 05 20.21

Shalom and MHNCB you ISRAEL…I was raised up as a catholic wearing rosary beads and going to sunday school confessing my sins to a priest, with my mother leaving the catholic church to become a lesbian and thinking it was ok to be who you want to be with no consequence from our heavenly father. I watched a video on youtube 3 years ago named "you would want to be an hebrew israelite" explaining romans 9:1-5 but i didn't get enough understanding. I wanted to get in deeper with this subject of being an israelite but when i started to search there were camps after camps claiming to be the truth, until 5 months ago i viewed "ARE GODS LAWS DETROYED?" WITH DEACON ASAPH AND ELDER NATHANYEL, I was convinced that these brothers had the spirit of truth. I continued to view videos upon videos. I saw this wasn't just another camp this was a NATION being build up before my eyes. I started attending online class fridays and saturdays and i finally asked a question WHERE IS THE SCHOOL LOCATED AT? DEACON ASAPH SAID WHO ARE YOU? I SAID RUBEN…. WHERE YOU LIVE? THE BRONX….COME TO THE SCHOOL IS IN THE BRONX. 2 weeks went past i contacted officer bezaleel he gave me the address and the date and time. All PRAISES I have wisdom psalms 111:10 and now i have truth psalms 119:142. Now it been 3 months and 2 weeks since i been in this truth and i don't want to back down. Me and my house will follow this truth and the heavenly father.

Reuben David Ben Israel
Bronx, N.Y.

I took the rebuke well and understood

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 04 10.51

I was told when I was at the age of 16 about the TRUTH my aunt's male friend brought the message to me as soon as he got out of prison. What shocked me was he didn't bring out Islam because our people always get lost in false and strange doctrine, but he didn't bring me Islam he said we are the children of Israel the true Jews, I use to have the apocrypha because he was the first person that brought the word to me from THE ORDER ABOVE. But my evil aunt pulled him back into the world with worldly possessions and persuasion, so I didn't have MAN that was in the TRUTH AND STRONG enough to push me and show me how read OUR HOLY DOCTRINE, PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT. I know it had to been THE MOST HIGH who wanted me to know the TRUTH because my history as a child, I suppose to have dead or lost in madness, but OUR FATHER DIDN'T SEE THAT FIT for me. I'M 22 now and how the TRUTH came back to me was again by THE ORDER OF THE MOST HIGH threw THE TN CAMP and I was bald headed and shaved faced no trace of hair on my head or face. MY BROTHER AWAKENED THE TRUTH AGAIN THREW THE HOLY SCRIPTURES OF THE MOST HIGH THREW PROPHESYING THE WORD OF GOD THREW, LEVITICUS 19:27, 21:5 AND I TOOK THE REBUKE WELL AND UNDERSTOOD. AFTER THAT I SOUGHT TO FIND MORE KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE IT WAS GOOD NOW I'M GOING TO CAMP AND I STUDY MY BIBLE PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT AND I WATCHED THE VIDEOS ALL NIGHT UNTIL THE NEXT SUNRISE CAME. I GIVE ALL PRAISES THAT I FOUND THE TRUTH AGAIN, I NOW I'M SEEKING TO GET THE REST OF MY OTHER BOOKS LIKE, FROM BABYLON TO TIMBUKTO AND THE CATACOMBS. I WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL I HAVE THOSE BOOKS AND THE OTHERS AS WELL. THANKS BROTHER AND MUCH LOVE MY SISTERS IN CHRIST THAT ARE IN THE TRUTH AND STAY IN THE TRUTH . ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH . SHALOM MOST HIGH IN CHRIST BLESSINGS. I'M FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH AND I KNOW IT.

Memphis TN

I've been in search Of the Truth

ScreenHunter_12 Jul. 04 10.49

Ive been in search Of the Truth From birth but as of the last five years my search has lead me upon my true path. Lords will im able to save those whom not only hear me but do those things which are commanded of us to do by The Most High. im working towards building a strong camp here in Milwaukee WI under the banner of Tribe of Judah with the council and guidance of the Elders Of IUIC. Im also in the process of writing a book "The hidden Ones" that ill be giving away for free. Happy to be a New Member of the IUIC family.

Melchizedek Ben Judah Israel
Milwaukee WI
ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 28 21.28

Well, I Back in 1999 , I , Repented and Joined a Local Church, I Was so Thristy For God, I Started, Studying Scripture and In My Spare Time, Started Really Praising God. I Had a Very Powerful Spiritual Awakening, That I Could Not Be able To Put Words Too, But it was real and in the Misdt of a Congreation, it was me and the Most High, through revealation in that he exist and he Flooded My Soul with Pure AGAPE Love and Reveal that He was My Risen Savior! I Was in a trace like state,and All the While Consciene of Praising but totally not in control of what was happening to me. After that Experince I Was Full of the Spirit of the Most High  I Start having Profound Spiritual Experinces, of Discerning, that To the Point I Felt Like Paul on the Road To Damacus. Fear Overwelmed me, I Ask the Lord What Was He Doing In Me? I Have Been Being Lead By Him Every since, He Through His Spirit Revealed To Me That I Was an Israelite, and Later From the Tribe of JUDAH, and He Provided Confirmation Through the Internet, bY way of Israelunited in Chirst and other Israelites on their Assignment, I was Over Joyed To Know that the Most High, Prophesy that he told Jerimiah, was coming to pass in this generation, Our God is Faithful and He Lives and will Gather His People, Those that Keep His Laws, Commandments and Statues and Remember to Keep His Sabbath [Seal], By Obeying His Voice, and Not Repeating the Mistakes of Our Forefathers. Hellieluyah! Forward, Only Forward!

Ayahuda Ysrael
Pittsburgh Pa

Affliction from birth

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 27 17.16

Affliction from birth…

I was born with pneumonia in both lungs…destined for death…not knowing that my purpose was already destined in life.
Jeremiah 1:5, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

I was surrounded by pain, death, and destruction, and I watched the most High put to death my first wife after 13 years of marriage due to adultery. He used that experience to prepare my life.
Ezekiel 24:18, So I spake unto the people in the morning: and at even my wife died; and I did in the morning as I was commanded.

I had no guidance or instruction to comfort my sleepless nights. Even though I experienced vain joy periodically in life, I had no truth to set me right. But now, all praises to the most High that He used Israel United in Christ to set me free. My purpose is sealed to bring forth one third of the righteous seed of the nation of Israel so my people can be freed from captivity.
Matthew 24:14, And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
Officer Marataza Ben Israel IUIC- San Antonio, Texas

Officer Marataza Ben Israel
San Antonio, TX

I knew there was more

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 24 19.42

I knew there was more to the Bible than what was being taught in the church. I hungered for the truth but wasn't being fed until the Most High led me here. The Most High has opened my eyes and lead me to the truth. All Praises to the Most High.

Will Jones
Las Vegas, NV

I was awakened

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 24 19.39

I was awakened, I was born in Memphis, raised in KCMO and lived in Chicago during high school. Moved back to KC when I was 21 years old. Never thinking I was anything special being brought up in the lies of the baptist church. Never learning anything just a lot of hoopla. I always know that I was not a negro, african-american, afro-american or black. But, I didn't know where I was from but I was like most of us thinking that africa was were we came from and they sold there own people. Then I saw a video on youtube that said african-americans are not african I watch it and I started to reach and I came across a lot of camps but non-that spoke to me. But I saw IUIC at camp and felt at home and have not been anywhere since. Now I am on my way to becoming a virtuous woman, I did not have any Men to learn from and now I have a family of Strong Men and Women loving and fearing The Most High and our King Christ. I now hold my head up high knowing that I was chosen and that I am special as long as I keep the Laws and do them. I thank the Most High for bring me to ICIU. MHNCB Israel.

Vaniah Baht Israel
Kansas City Mo

He's not a man that he should lie

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 20 18.25

" He's not a man that he should lie "
Many of us are awaking in this hour, I hear the army. The understanding of knowledge and that which is truth, bring about his soon return. Which we pray, come Father and consume our enemies and give us the rest we wait for, HOW LONG LORD!!!!! And he hears the cry of his people.

Ronald Good
Cornelius, North Carolina

I was look for GOD in all the wrong places

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 19 18.09



I embarked on my journey in 2001

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 18 22.07

Shalom Israel,
I embarked on my journey in 2001, just before 9/11 I was sitting on my couch just watching TV and I just kind of zoned out, during that moment I had a vision of thick smoke and screams. My wife tapped me and asked me what's wrong and all I could tell her was that something was going to happen that was going to change America. Needles to say, 9/11 came. After that maybe a year or two I was out with some friends getting caught up in the world and I heard a voice come out of my chest and it said two words to me "CHOOSE NOW" after that I was really concerned about they way I was going in religion. Being raised a baptists I asked my pastor some questions that he could not or just flat out would not answer, one being who the African American was according to the scriptures. I then left Christianity, I started listening to Bob Marley by 2004 and came to the understanding that as an American Black I come from the tribe of Judah, so I became a Rastafarian for three years but during that time I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea that God loves everyone so in 2009 I said I'll just be Jewish but then I learned about the Talmud so I said forget that. Then one day while on YouTube I looked up Black Hebrew Israelites and found a page called Nathanyel7 and I began to learn more about the Bible and my history than ever before. I learned that there was a book called the Apocrypha that had been removed from the Bible in the 1700's, I also learned the the Most High only loves the Israelites and contrary to the teachings of Christianity and Rastafarianism that the descendants of those who enslaved my ancestors would go into the captivity that was forced on my people. Not only that but that the Natives of the Americas make up the other ten tribes of Israel. Israel United and Elder Nathanyel always teaches the truth, and now I am free. MOST HIGH IN CHRIST BLESS ISRAEL UNITED IN CHRIST.

Yachyid Nephesh
Akron, Oh

He open up my understanding

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 18 20.05

It all started for me at a family reunion when I wanted to know more about my relatives after seeing pictures of family I didn't know anything about. I wanted also for my sons and daughter to know them also.Taking my son to the library to do his school work, I found myself searching out so called African American history curious to understand what it was all about and why it was happening. I became so consumed in knowing that I even rented videos to watch with my wife and kids. No one ever taught me about this harsh history of these so called African Americans, not even no where near in-depth as I found in the library(NOT EVEN IN HISTORY IN SCHOOL). After months of searching out this history The MOST HIGH GOD revealed to me my answer of wanting to know about my family, BLOWED MY MIND! I Thank him so much! He had me going this direction the whole time and then and only then he open up my understanding that the bible we have been reading and trying to study for years is talking about My people, My family, ISRAEL! I am so excited that he truly love me, my wife and kids to bring us back to our lost heritage. We are the TRIBE OF JUDAH of ISRAEL. My son MICIAH is 10yrs old now and is proud to be a special people above all nations, and he goes to school awakening up his other brothers and sisters of the other TRIBES OF ISRAEL. I thank YAH for my lovely Hebrew wife who went with me through this awesome transition. I also thank him for Israel United in Christ for continuing confirming this hidden truth while exposing the devils lies. SHALOM ISRAEL!

Ray Robinson

I always knew something wasn't right

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 21.00

I always knew something wasn't right , but I could not put my finger on it. However, The Lord saw fit to use My lord Gideon to teach me. My journey began four years ago when My Lord Gideon told me that we are the Hebrews the bible speaks of, my eyes opened up like a child at the candy shop. Overwhelmed with joy and wanting to learn more. I than had stop going to the catholic church, and celebrating all the wicked holidays which my parents got mad at me but i didn't care. Nonetheless I was still wicked because I wasn't keeping the laws. I guess the time still wasn't right for me, than about a year ago my husband got more serious in watching videos and studying. One thing led to another and we are repenting Israelites. There is no turning back, I'm so thankful to be amongst such great leaders in Israel united in Christ, and Giving all praises to the most high for reviving my spirit with this truth, and having mercy on me.

Shalom Israel family MHNCB!

Mahayah Israel
Queens NY

I was a Jehovah Witness for over 30 years

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 20.55

I was a Jehovah Witness for over 30 years and as i got deeper into their lies and looked at the world we live in it didn't add up how Jesus is white, angels are white, apostles and even God but these same so called white people have been abusing us for centuries. I asked alot of questions that ruffled some feathers to say the least, so I left their lies and was done with religion all together. After that I started to think to myself something is missing in my life in my spirit, so I started to get on the Internet and I stumbled upon IUIC and I watched all the videos and highlighted scriptures and meditated on them day and night, especially night got very little sleep at first, and The Most High put his spirit on me and awakened me from a deep sleep and I am so thankful everyday for it I will never go back to the world or the nonsense I was doing in it. My purpose now is to let our people and the world know our true nationality, not african-american or black. but Israelites who are now in captivitiy because we broke God's laws and we must be accountable for our actions and not make excuses but make righteous changes to receive salvation. All Praises to the Most High.

Mikah Cornelius
Cincinnati Ohio


ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 20.30

I was confused, lost, and hopeless being raised in a catholic home thinking Christ was a white man. I always wondered as a "Hispanic" man why are our people always poor, in the hoods and ghettos along with the "American blacks". I never got along with Esau or any other nation besides my own. And I started to wonder why. I had questions that Catholics couldn't answer or Christians or any "religion". So at that point in my life I became an atheist. I felt that my life was useless because of he harsh conditions we live in and turned to alcohol, partying, drugs, and all tons of wickedness you can think of. After that started to get old I had this feeling come across and I started to re-think about what I was doing and how I am living my life. I then started looking and searching online. I then was at school and saw a bother with he beard and fringes and said what is that? He explained and I started to ask questions. FINALLY someone had answers to my questions. At that exact moment that empty feeling I have had for 15 years vanished! I will never forget that day. I felt full and had an understanding that I longed for. I am not supposed to be living like a bum. we are KINGS and QUEENS. Royalty onto God. But live in these conditions for a reason. Finding out this world was made for our sakes but then given into the hands of the wicked made prefect sense. Because we as a people messed up. I never thought heaven could be for every single person on the earth. and I was right. All praises to the most HIGH and Christ for waking me up when he could have left me as a zombie roaming the earth. I am now on the straight and narrow path to the kingdom to redeem what is rightfully ours. I hope all of you brothers and sisters make it was well. MHNCB. WHO'S THE KING? CHRIST!!!

Eliyshuwa Ephraim Ban Israel
Deltona, Fl

I remember when I was growing up

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 20.27

I remember when I was growing up, when people use to sit around and talk about the scriptures and I use to tell them Christ was a black man. But I never really knew that the children of the slave trade were the biblical Israelites because I study in History. Until one day I was going to the gym and I happened to run across a Levite name Joseph and when he started talking, I realize that he was into the bible cause he would always preached to me everyday we met each other. Until one day we was in the car and he said you know you are an Israelite. I said what, "excuse me" and he said, " you are an Israelite". And I said a biblical Israelite and he said, yes. I doubted it a little bit. Until he came to my house and he brought his computer and he had some of Elder Nathanyel sermons and the first one I listen to was "Lucifer". Then I started comparing the scriptures to the history that I was studying and instantly my eyes opened and the veil of blindness was removed. From then on I believe and receive the Good News. I repented of all my sins and started keeping the laws and commandments in the faith of Yahawashi. Although change didn't happen instantly, it was an day by day process. As time pass I ended up getting married to the messenger that brought me the Good News. We been married for 2 years and I have been in this truth for 3 years. But All jokes aside I wish the Christian Church can refund me all my money that was collected for tithes smh, anyways. With all this being said Brothers and Sisters. Shalom!

Shemaiah Yasharala Valcin
Miami, Fl

I was so lost

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 20.24

i was so lost...doing EVERYTHING backwards...I still have a ways to go never gonna give up! ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH for this group. This is my family!!!!!

micaiah baht israel
middletown nj

It feels powerful

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 20.20

It feels powerful, and fulfilling to be a part of the awakening of Israel. I can not imagine doing anything else with my life. I was caught up in chasing money, and wondering why my people were in the state that they were in. Now that I now why, and that we are the chosen of The Most High. I now have a good understanding of what I need to do in my life, and what direction that I need to be going. Being a father, I now know how to bring up my children properly, and the way to guide them in the truth. I love my people, and I now know that we are a even bigger people then I originally thought, this is a beautiful thing. I look forward to working with all of you to bring our people back to Israel.

AreliYah Ben Ysrael
Virginia Beach VA


ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 14 21.35

I feel SO FULFILLED! (Being that I'm only 21 years old). This truth has fulfilled my emptiness. Honestly I was raised in Christianity BS, time and time again I was depress and annoyed with what was going on around me.Having unanswered questions always drove me crazy, like why are we the only one in society at the bottom(12 tribes). I had a change the world mentality and eagerness at a very young age. But coming into this truth has answered many questions, like what's the meaning of life? Why our communities are impoverish? Surprisingly all these question were right in the Bible that I NEVER UNDERSTOOD. I love why and how the Most high brought me to this truth, Jeremiah 3vs15, being in this truth has filled my emptiness. So now I'm looking forward on growing as a young women and Christ kingdom to come!

Melissa Dolce

What is my purpose for being


I would always ask myself, What is my purpose for being here and where do I fit in. Now I know and the Spirit of Truth continues to reveal the rich history of my ancestor's the Hebrew Israelites. I delight in the Sabbath and my appetite and thirst for Ahayah's truth is insatiable. I pray for the gathering of both the House of Israel and the House of Judah in the name of Yashiya, Amen!

Terrence Myers
Edgewood, Maryland

I never felt a sense of belonging

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 04 18.13

I never felt a sense of belonging until I found IUIC. Even though I was born into a large family, I always felt alone. I went to a Baptist Church every Sunday and did not learn anything about the Most High or his Word. When things went wrong in my life, I would reach out to the so called Ministers and preachers but they never did show me in the scriptures why I was going through the things I was going through. I kept going through the same things over and over again and I was at my breaking point. I remember constantly getting on my knees, crying, and asking the lord for understanding. One day in 2011, the Most High opened my eyes to his glorious truth. I started listening to the classes and reading the word, and my life and existence was transformed. When I look back on all the things I have been through in my life and all the things I have done, I think to myself that I am not worthy. The Most High choose a sinner like me and now I know where I belong. All Praises to the Most High!!!

Dahnel Israel
Far Rockaway, NY

No answer was convincing my soul

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 04 18.07

My trust have been quenched the battle begins
I grew up in the SDA church, never eat pork, raised in the sabbath but there was unanswered questions, like why would God Create Satan and he knows the future? but no answer was convincing my soul. Yet i was zealous for the church, preach all that. so let's wrap it up. 2009 after my dad died of lightning strike, this was a hard time for us and this is when the comforter would enter me and my brother's life. He had a vision, that our church was a boat with our pastor and was sinking, me and him was in another boat calling the members to come to our boat since theirs was sinking, but few came to our boat. Tomorrow was Shabbat, so after Shabbat we watch Illuminati and scary stuff, and fall upon the Gathering of Christ Church, He called me and was like that's it, this is what we've been missing. We went to church to explain them but as the dream some members listen and few are studying with us now but the rest called us ' DAVIDIANS". We keep Fighting with mom, now we seeing progress as she start questioning the church too, but do not want to leave still. We eventually come to be following IUIC, who really is different from other camps, focus more on salvation instead of blaming the white man(whom i don't deal with either) but I like to take responsability for our sins, and changed our ways for it is because of our sin all Happen to us, and God use them to disciplined our behind, yet their fate is set for destruction.
Now me and my brother is planing to bring a camp for the levites so help us the way you can please, Satan is pushing Homosexuality in Haiti as we speak. e-mail me at
Shalawm brethren the journey has just began, if you fall stand back up, don't go back to the old man.

Yashar Ben Levi

I felt something was definitely missing

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 01 10.04

I was raised in a Christian household, Sunday School, Bible Studies during the week the whole shabang! I remember when i was about 14 the Pastor saying one day he was going to show us are ancestral linage in the bible. Now when it came to my family and I ( the only black family there) He told us he could not find us in the bible. I felt a bit displaced and it always stuck out in my mind. I have always loved my people and wondered why we were treated so harshly and oppressed by other nations through out history. I thought what kind of God would allow people to be treated like this. My early 20's I was living for the moment calling my self a christian yet i was doing things which i knew was against Him. I started to see the hypocrisy of Christianity within myself and others, and i just thought this cant be it? I felt something was definitely missing. I remember talking to God saying i want to come back to you and read the bible but who are these people in the bible how is it relevant to me they are not my people they are Jewish, where do my people fit in? A year later my brother started telling me about the illuminati, and that Jesus was black. The rest is history I began researching. I came across the curses documentary and then i found Israel United's website i began researching and learning every single area of the Website, day after day i would just soak up the knowledge and everything just made sense to me. Now i know why my people are subject to oppression because we are Israelites who's forefathers broke The Most Highs Laws, my history is in fact in the bible in its fullness. All Praises To The Almighty for awakening me to my true identity and for sending His Son to save the House of Israel from our sins!!

Anaiyah Israel

I have been searching for years

ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 01 10.01

I always felt some way, The Truth found me in a very strange way. I saw a coworker say the word Shalom and inquired about this. I am very new to The Truth, only a couple days old. I have felt some kind of way and have been searching for years to find what i need to be spiritually full. I am ready to learn.

Tremendous Barfield
bossier city, louisiana

I always wondered what my purpose was

ScreenHunter_11 May. 27 16.29

A Special People, Above ALL PEOPLE! Duet. 7:6 is one of my favorite scriptures. Growing up I always wondered what my purpose was. I have always felt out of place, misunderstood, and confused with OUR history! I remember being in high School sitting in history class learning about the heathens wondering why no one could tell me who the "negros" were before captivity in America. I remember sitting in church wondering where MY PEOPLE came from because the Jesus I saw was white which also ment everyone in the bible were too. I remember raising the question if GOD was the color of the rainbow because all the different types of people. I remember hanging with my wicked "Christian" girlfriends thinking that because we had Jesus we were untouchable. I remember expressing who my favorite idol was (Beyonce) trying to be the women she deceivingly portrays. I remember being so unhappy and lost dealing with my husband. I remember becoming a conspiracy theorist scared of when they sky would fall, on the road to atheism. I remember being set free in the month of May 2011, searching on YouTube and came across Elder Naythanyel with his wisdom and zeal about THE TRUTH and OUR HISTORY. I remember READING the bible that day! It all made since as if I always knew but just needed a little push to remember it all. From that day forward my husband and I repented, no longer were we unhappy but fulfilled. I no longer felt out of place, misunderstood, nor confounded. To know that I come from a royal family only made since! I now remember who I am according to the scriptures and I now understand my purpose! I thank IUIC for helping my family the House of Yaban Malkishua Ben Israel remember our worth and our heritage. Shalom family MHNCBU Israel All Praises to the Most High...

Navah Israel
Las Vegas, NV

I was an ordained Christian minister

ScreenHunter_11 May. 25 15.54

Shalom brothers and sisters of the Most HIGH! I just found this site today after a link was sent to me today via email. I'm glad that I found jt. I believe the Most HIGH predestined it so for me to be connected to you all at this moment in time.mi I was an ordained Christian minister for over 13 years before I began to realize a missing link. I felt in my heart that I was not completely and totally connected to in the spirit. So, I began searching for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Upon my discovery, I learned that a lot or what I was preaching to others was just half-truths. We know that a half-truth is a lie. I was lying to the people unknowingly at the time, but the moment I discovered the lies, I respectfully resigned myself from the pulpit and went to learn the scriptures with a new mindset. Halleluyah! I can say that I've found my purpose in life and I intend to keep seeking truth and sharing it as well.

Naphtali Ben Y'Israel
Paterson, New Jersey

I was raised Penetocost and Baptist

ScreenHunter_11 May. 25 15.51

 Although i have not been with the group for three months i just started studying a lil over 2 weeks i felt my life change almost instantly. Growing up in the midwest my ppl came from the south so i was raised penetocost and baptist, but i always knew something was off in the church deep down i knew that that man on the wall was not our savior but never had the courage to ask the church about it so i just grew up confused. So now i am grown and still confused i was researching on the web when i came across the hebrew israelites claiming that BLACKS ARE THE HEBREWS curious i wanted more info which eventually brought me upon this site and brothers i must say this site has changed me, for the better i give all praises to the Most High and am grateful that your spreading the truth no other camp is getting the word out like you guys and for me it hits home, because i am now getting a clear picture of the scriptures so with this i say shalom and keep up the work all praises shalom.!!!

Chaviv Judah
Key west,FL


ScreenHunter_11 May. 25 15.44

I was born and raised in the Bronx, raised catholic / "white" magic espiritista BS (Northern Kingdom Idol worship nonsense). At a very young age, I was asking fundamental questions that made many people uncomfortable enough to tell me to either "have faith", or shut up! No matter, I knew to respect my elders, but the fact that people didn't have a straight answer, or they displayed frustration, only kindled my intrigue further and I knew never to stop asking questions. I always had zeal for the Most High, so much that I was part of the choir in elementary school, and part of the "Peer Ministry Group" in high school. I always wanted to be involved in the development of our people.

How did I get to IUIC?
Easy, I took the road less taken. 1998, I was a professional whoremonger, and I met a NK woman that was going to be my next fling. We spoke for a few months, and during our conversations, she would mention how she did her ex wrong by leaving him. I was in, or so I thought! As I continued to listen, my lust dwindled and I was compelled to help her. I helped her realize her mistakes and gave her advise on reaching out to her ex. (Little did I know that Man's goings are of the Lord!)They eventually got together and the time came when she wanted to introduce him to me and thank me for my efforts. Captain Yoshua walks in, and we became instant brothers. The sister left again.

As the years went by, I eventually met Officer Bezaleel, who always introduced Yoshua and I to conspiracy news. The day came when he showed us that Christmas was a pagan holiday. Jerimiah 10:1-5 was the scripture that opened my eyes to the truth. Next the Jews and Gentiles video came and answered questions I had for years. A Week later, I'm in Nathanyel's Basement and the rest is history! The Most High plucked me out of the world and forged me into a soldier for His ARMY! All Praises to the Most High and His the Jesus the Christ, IM AWAKE !

Abiel Ben Israel
Bronx, NY

I knew something was wrong in my world

ScreenHunter_11 May. 23 20.28

I could never put me finger on it but I knew something was wrong in my world. I grew up in a single parent home from age six (my dad died from drug abuse) with four other siblings and I always felt like a sore thumb. Growing up I can remember reading some scriptures and thinking wow these people in the bible are great but what happened to them everybody I know drinks, smokes and party. Later and attending school I grew fond of history and started to question why are all the people of history white? Where and what were my ancestors doing before slavery? Time passes and I'm at a dead end I'm now a single mom myself and all I can contemplate on is I don't want to be like my mother and I don't want to go to Hell! So I turn to the church I was used to the service, but never really focused on the scriptures like everyone else I was PLAYING CHURCH. I got tired of pretending and started hearing the words and thinking nobody up in here is living there life like this from the old heads to the young! One night I decided to stay up late watching t.v. and across the screen comes two brothers dressed in some "Bad" clothing, a black fabric backdrop and bibles in there hand I was like who dis? Then the Brothers said something Profound:" You're not Niggas you're not Spics you ain't B's and Whores your the Israelites the Bible speaks of!" I can remember clapping, stomping and shouting I was elated and I wanted more!!!! I came out of the church started cleaning up my mess and I'm forever grateful to the Most High for showing me the TRUTH!

Aviela Israel
Fairfax, SC

I found this truth in the year of 2008

ScreenHunter_11 May. 14 18.19

I found this truth in the year of 2008 and did a 360 turn with my life. I watched all 260 videos in a week when I discovered Elder Nathanyel and his camp. When watched the first video that was it for me, I knew automatically what I was hearing was the truth! I didn't fret or prograstinate, I changed immediately and all of a sudden, I was being attack mentally and spiritually. I had a spiritual springling is what I call it because it was a feeling that I never felt before and it changed me. I'm so glad that I found Elder Nathanyel and his camp because I remember when Barakshar left, I was scared he was going to leave to and I told the Elder and he said" don't worry because I'm not going no where". Then, I felt better because he and all the Deacons there are TRUE PROPHETS OF THE LORD! And I give all Thanks and Praises to the Most High because he helped me to find them and I found my husbands father bible because he had died and my husband kept it. Well, I'll tell you the truth, someone told me to look up Michael Jackson illuminati and the things i heard and saw scared the LITERALLY right out of me, then, i found my husbands father bible then, I found Elder Nathanyel. The Lord knew I needed help because I was so afraid and scared of all this knowledge that I learned I wanted to die and I also had thought of killing myself and the Most High didn't want me to do that so I found Elder Nathanyel's camp. Now, I also know why he kept me alive in the World Trade Center Calamity. My testimony is alittle different from everybody else's , however I almost lost my life that day, so you can say i had a brush with death. August will be 5 years I'm with this camp and I'm not going anywhere, Israel is my family and knowing my real true history is a blessing from the Most High God!

Ayalah Israel

I was confused, bitter and empty

ScreenHunter_11 May. 09 20.31

The year was 2008 confused, bitter and empty I prayed a different prayer for the first time knowledge and wisdom and received a quick response. I started with the conspiracies and Illuminati and listening to various people online which God tested me to see what doctrine I was going to take in. I would watch listen and research and concluded I could not go with them. I then stumbled upon Elder Nathanyael and Barack Shar at the time preaching. I remember immediately having personal opinions about them. The Elder spoke real rough and loud. I wanted to listen but the sin in me didn’t like the approach. I wanted soft and nice talk. It was a few months late that I decided to give them another chance and watch an entire video.  I was hooked! For the very first time the bible was being read honestly. The conspiracies, life issues everything was falling in line. With new found knowledge I wanted to share it but was considered over the top. I’ve always been an eccentric person growing up and never took things to heart. When it came to sharing the truth to my then friends the criticism stung. I didn’t have all the answers and they weren’t interested in a man/ Elder “screaming” in the streets with a bible.
I was happy at the time but alone I.U.I.C was in it’s preliminary stages and I had no one to connect with. Years went by and I became complacent and I was careful whom I shared this information with. I became the worst type half in the truth and half in the world and trying to convince myself both can be accomplished. It almost literally made me go mad.
2012 would be my attempt at redeeming myself I wrote to Elder and had to let him know how I was feeling. My patience had dissipated, faith was lacking I was a “hot mess” as some would say. With Encouragement and kicking fear to the side. I decided to make a genuine and serious try and now my priorities are better and I feel as though I am worth something instead of trying to blend in or pass through.

Shawna Ben Israel

I was born in the Seventh Day Adventist Church

ScreenHunter_11 May. 09 18.13

Shalom Israel,

My name is Gideon Levi Ben Israel.
I was born in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, keeping the ten commandments and the dietary laws; So, I thought I was good. When my grandma died in Haiti, I was unable to go to the funeral due to financial reasons. So, I ask my mom to bring me grandma's bible. I discover a message in the back of it that said " success is to stay in contact with God, pray, and be vigilant. " that message led me to read the entire bible twice. Certain aspect of the bible jumped at me. Such as Christ refusal to heal a certain woman, Christ is black, and He was sent only to the lost ships of Israel. I try to ask questions, but no pastor would give me the time. That's when I started doubting Christianity. I stop going to church, instead I hit the street and got involve in dumb stuff. Death came knocking many times but because I escaped every time,I kept living my stupid life. One day I prayed that if there is something that I did not know and needed to know to be saved, for God to send someone to teach it to me. In less than a week the manager for the guards at my former job, Gucci, a Simeon brother name Raynaldo Fernandez, a.k.a. Ray, taught me that I was an israelite of the tribe of Levi. Although I believed him, I told him that I couldn't put a six head star on me and can't follow a man who claim to be the Holy Spirit. So, I went back in the world. One year later I stumbled on one of Elder Nathanyel's videos but I dismissed it. An other two years went by and I stumble on Elder Nathanyel again. This time I watched videos, after videos. However, I was still living foul until the Most High showed me vividly that he'll kill me if I don't follow him; For death came knocking but not as before, (Ps. 17:13), but this time as, ( Ps. 78:49). So, because of ( Lam 3:22), I surrender to the Most High God through Jesus Christ. MHICB Israel United in Christ for teaching the laws.

Gideon Levi Ben Israel
Long Island, NY

I felt something was off

ScreenHunter_11 May. 06 18.06

I was raised in the church, just felt something was a little off.. So Christ died so everyone can just do what they want??? I prayed Lord I don't know what's real, I believe in the God of the Bible the God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob. Some years later my daughter came to GA where I lived & said Mom we are the Israelites in the bible & white people are the devil. She lost me at "white people are the devil". So I dismissed her thought she was crazy & in some "Black-Power-Mess". Time passed & One day I was at work and trying to read my bible but couldn't so something said just watch one of those videos she sent you; I did & I had to repent. My Life & family has not been the same ever since. Now I am a baby in Christ after 38 years of "thinking" I knew God & could quote (misquote) scriptures. Now I am a student for life learning the ways & actively following the laws of the Most High.

Malika Hardy
Richmond Hill, GA

I've been blessed coming into this truth

ScreenHunter_11 May. 06 18.00

Im twenty five and have been blessed coming into this truth, understanding who i am, through past, present and now in the future. I am the israelite that bible talks about from genesis to revelation. I've done nothing to deserve being into this truth but our heavenly father has bestowed upon me grace and mercy to partake in it. and i will never ... for that reason alone turn back, its going to be a journey for and a long one but at the end its one willing and will see it through till the end. all praises to the most high.

i was out of church for a while, a while being a more then two years now and even until this day Im getting tithes envelopes although i have left the church long ago. but in the abstance of being in a christ like enviroment there was still a gap, and one day i found my self coming to the computer and clicking on a vid called " the curse of the israelites." and MAN that surely bridge the gap, of all that i hadn't understood. from there i was on every AND I MEAN EVERY youtube teaching from I.U.I.C you tube page from deacon ASAPH,AITHAN,LABAKAH,YAWASAP. AND NATHANYEL. Now living with mother still i want to share this with her ... that all that has happen to us wasnt because we were black and by coincident, but because it was prophesy from the beginning, in dent. 28 :68 im trying to get her to see that THAT WE ARE THE ISRAELITES THAT THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT. THATS RIGHT.

daeshawne wells
new york city, ny

Now I understand the mission

ScreenHunter_09 Apr. 25 19.52

I grew up in the circus called the christian church . While jumping church to church, I was always saying to myself " I'm lookin for the right church " but the whole time I was really looking for The LORD of HOST and what was required from me ... That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: Eph.2:12 Now I understand the mission ... Keep the commandments in the faith of CHRIST, this also means help my people prepare for his second coming .

Yadon Ben Israel
Houston , Tx


ScreenHunter_09 Apr. 15 18.12

"MEXICANS ARE IN THE BIBLE, THE BLACK MAN TOLD ME"...... I was working at a shoe store one day. And black man in his late 20's said that to me . I said to myself, I've been in christianity for 27 years and I never read such thing. But I stood there and listened to the man as he pulled out a KJV Bible and a red book out of his back pack. And he started to go to scriptures and show me where I was in the bible and yes, it did described me and my people. And he also told me that all the So-called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Indians were also in the bible. I must of talked to the man for an hour or two but it seem to me like only 10 minutes as I wanted to know more. The man gave me some more scriptures and Youtubes pages to check on my own. So I went home to see more proof in my bible and in some videos. And thats when I clicked  one of the vid's of "Israel United In Christ" showing me I was going the wrong way in so-called christianity. Then it became two vid's a night then after one month I was locking myself in my room every night after work with my bible, history book, webpages, and dictionaries. And I was in AWE, that my people were in the bible with historical proof to BACK IT UP................................ Do you know where you are in the bible?

Issachar Ben Israel

I spent many years searching

ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 14 15.07

I spent many years searching and asking many unanswered questions. Coming from the Caribbean-Barbados, a predominantly Christian society, it is very hard to get answers. About 2-3 years ago I left the Christian Church because I was fed up with what I was seeing and what started to bother me was the number of things which I saw in the Bible that Christians were not practicing. I was always very inquisitive and started my own search on the internet. It was last year around January/February that I saw a youtube video that identified the people of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to be the real Jews. Of course this floored me but I was still curious. The bible says to prove all things so I did and continued to search. The scripture that ultimately convinced me was Deuteronomy 28:68. Now I always suspected that the people in Israel were not the real Jews but now I had the proof. Couple weeks later I came upon some youtube videos with Elder Nathaniel and Deacon Asaph and that was it for me. The search was over, I finally found what I was looking for. I want to thank Israel United in Christ, Elder Nathaniel, the Deacons and his team for accepting my request to join the classes last March. It has been a 1 year now and I have learned so much. Right now I am handing out fliers in the various villages and communities and talking with some of the people. I have also realized that with this truth also comes persecution. It is part of the territory which I have accepted. Most of all I want to tank the Most High and Christ for revealing this truth to me.

Sheldon Spencer
Bridgetown, Barbados

I found my purpose.


I was raised In England under the roof of a schizophrenic single mother in an apartment. Going back to it now that I'm older i got to see a portion of what it is like for our people in the ghettos and slums. Around the time I was 9 I was taken from my mother and moved to America. This was all a part of the most highs plan to get me into this truth. Through the education system here I learned about the slavery of the Northern kingdom and i learned about the The slavery that The southern kingdom went through. After learning these things being a young man into cartoons and video games I always noticed that the good guys always win, and that justice is always served. I never liked church or the bible because no preacher or pastor ever answered this question " if god were real then how come he never punished the white man for what he did to us" there was never an answer. Then one day my eyes where opened at Nassau Community College. I was shown Deuteronomy 28 and immediately my mind was blown away i was shown that the bible was for us and that Christ was black i had to know more! I bought a bible and dove right in. I read Genesis and didn't understand a thing, that's when i was told this book there is more to it that reading you must be taught. Now i have a purpose and hope for my existence to learn this book and wake our people up until Christ comes to give us our justice and salvation from this captivity.

Ozias Ben Israel
Uniondale New York


ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 09 20.04

I ALWAYS KNEW SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT. One night when I was in the 5th grade, my friend said to me, “do you ever wonder where the stars and moon come from, God made them.” I dogged her out for believing in a god that hated us and made such a horrible world. She brought to my attention that I also believed in God, because I claimed to hate something that did not exist. From there I began to go to church with anyone I could, seeking God, although I still did not quite believe, because I didn’t see God in anyone except really old so-called Black folks. It wasn’t until I had my 1st child at 21 that I started truly believing that a creator existed, and it wasn’t until I started believing in Christ Jesus in 1993 that I began seeking Him out from church to church, and religion to religion.
In 2007 a friend called me up to tell me that the Sabbath was actually Saturday with explanation. I did my research, found out that it was true and starting attending an SDA church, which encourages reading the entire Bible. After becoming a member months later, I began to study the Bible word for word, front to back. I immediately recognized that the church was teaching me lies and that the Bible was referring to Black folks. I got my AS in Christian Ministry and finished studying the Bible after 3 ½ years in April 2011. That very day, I prayed to God and asked Him “what would you have me to do now.” Two months later he sent a young man at my job to tell me to watch the video ‘White woman tells truth about America.’ on the side line was the video ‘White woman tells truth about Black Hebrew Israelites,’ which is what I was more interested in. After watching this video, I had an awakening that blew my mind. It was almost equivalent to Paul's. THIS WAS THE ANSWER and I literally ran the streets telling everyone. From there I started watching videos and came across IUIC, where I knew instantly they were the ones’ with the Truth, because they spoke what I had learned in the Bible.

Teruwah (House of Joy) Baht Israel
Belleville, MI.

I was raised in a small city

ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 03 18.10

I was raised in a small city in the south that literally has a church on every corner. I attended a small congregation (East 2nd St. Church of Christ) for most of my years. My pastor, at the time, told me that I was a "jewel" in the church, but all my life I've wondered who the people were in the Bible. I thought that the Jews/Israelites were the modern-day Jewish/Israelis of today. The ones who stand in front of a wall and pray. That was until one particular day I read Revelation 2:9. Christ said,..."I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan... This lead me to start asking questions. I was totally confused, and so I asked myself .Who are the REAL Jews of today? So I prayed about it to the Most High. Then one day, this past summer, I came across a couple of I.U.I.C videos on youtube. I saw the brothers on the streets teaching. Brothers like Deacon Aithan, Labachaa aka "the hammer", Shachya, and Officer Shem. I was amazed at what they were teaching. I soon came to the website only to be even more amazed. I read the article, "So you heard that you're an Israelite?" I did not know that I was an Israelite until I read that article. Then I realized that the Most High God answered my prayer. It was clear as day. From then on, I was so excited. I continued to watch the I.U.I.C videos on youtube. Then this past November I signed up for classes. I'm thankful and grateful to know that I am home now, and that I have a beautiful, royal, and peculiar family. I understand who I am now, and I know I have a will to fulfill. I know I must be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Glory and all praises to the Most High God and Christ!!! MHNCBU brothers and sisters. Shalom.

Jerry Toney, Jr.
Cleveland, Tennessee

The holy spirt comforts me

ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 03 18.09

Shalom Israel, Mel here.

Thank you, so much for showing us The Truth. So many questions, I had in christianity that were not answered. So, I stop going I felt it in my spirit (I started tithing and getting into church more brought ppl to chruch). I would pray christ prayer and I would add on for more wisdom and understanding. Mostly, every night and started researching found out what was tithing really and how I should correct myself first. I was so out of order . I never look back or gave up from then. It is hard to keep the commandments the enemy comes quick. But the holy spirt comforts me, and he bless me to keep The Laws. I just look to fellowship mostly now. The only fear I have is of Our Father and I have need of nothing but what he blesses me with and pray that others wake up. And I pray he keep me as his own because I never want to leave him and forget how he first love me (chosen).
And I do love how yall be on one accord, You got the same understanding , same language, and the same Love of The Law. Its trutly beautiful... I would love to see you all come to memphis,TN contact me please when you do.

Shalom! Judah!!!

Melody J

I knew that something wasn't right

ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 01 18.26

I must say that it has been wonderful coming into this truth because at a young age I knew that something wasn't right about a lot of the teaching of Christianity. So I begin searching for truth which took me on a long journey into all types of doctrines and religions. It wasn't until 2011 that I found out that I was a Israelite. The first camp I came across was The Israel of God based out of Chicago. Now I understood some of their teaching was true but I was on the hunt for information and I wasn't getting everything I needed to know with just listening to them once a week. So in my hunt for knowledge I cam across a video with Deacon Laba and he was going hard. I knew that this brother had a strong spirit and the way he spoke was very firm. So at that point I was hooked to I.U.I.C. and as I began to learn more I understood that "The Israel of God" camp was not teaching all the commandments of God and they were basically Christians with fringes that didn't were fringes, and yes I mean it just like I said it. They also taught immaculate conception, water baptism, salvation for all people. So once I learned the truth from I.U.I.C. the rest is history. All praises to the Most High.

Samson Ben Israel
Kansas City, MO


ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 01 18.21



Ask, then it shall be answered

ScreenHunter_08 Mar. 29 18.37

Wasn't raise in church. But one day one of my older siblings suggested to my mom, that we go to church, more often and guess what, she took the advice.We attended an Adventist Church, nearly every Sabbath. I was sign up to get baptize by a family friend, around my age, who felt i needed the Lord, who on the other hand had recently got dipped in water. The big day came, and i was confident that i was ready for a change. A week pass by, and i sinned big time but i was confuse, didn't know what cause me to do that. Church or being baptize, didn't change me at all. I became angry, crude, cussing everyone that got in my business. I became so rebellious, that i did what i was please to do. Still in church, I had questions that needed to be answered but i was not to question the pastor. I wanted to know, how do they know Christ was white because they had a frame of him being that, who are we in the bible cuz i was hearing names like roman, jews, Israel and all of that in the bible. I became tired of going to church. I felt that the Lord was calling me but not in church. I would pray that he answer my call and send me were i needed to be. Few months pass by, my sister, suggested a school, nassau community college. I took her advice and quickly applied. That's when my journey as an israelite, soon started. Student activities was going on. I was looking around and i saw brothers teaching, officer Yahn and officer Liam, it was impossible not to see them cause they were crying out Loud.I stood and listen to them and saw the 12 tribes poster. I felt joy cause i felt the Lord just answered my prayer because they were answering every questions. From there, attended the club, watched class online for 3 months, till i attend the school. Neither did i know, that i would be surrounded around brothers and sisters, who soon became my family, and filled with the love of the Most High in them. Till then let our journey together continue. Shalom Israel.

Chasya Israel
Queens, NY

I went from nothing to something

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"Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: " I went from nothing to something, nobody to a somebody. I can recall millions of times where the most high should have put me to death, but because of the grace and the promise that the MOST HIGH had for his people, he held still and had a plan for me. I thank the MOST HIGH for the forgiveness and the mercy that he's showed on his people and allowed us to come to the the light and return to our true heritage and pick up our cross and follow him. IUIC has helped me return to the true light and true unity that our people have been missing for thousand of years, they have helped me purge out the lies and blasphemy that Christianity has instilled in our people for hundreds of years. I Remember thinking of Myself as a nobody, and just doing the usual Sunday Morning Never-Ending pattern. The Baptist Church is what I was raised in. I was Brought up to think that was the truth. Every Sunday It was the same crap, in my mind I wanted to change, but as soon as Monday came, I was in the same mud again.... Watching Porn and running the streets... I was called Mexican, Spanish, Mestizo, Mexican-American all my life and I thought that White People were the Elite.... The First Time I heard this truth, I could not believe Mexicans came from such a noble background.... This Truth has brought back what really matters, the knowledge of Our True Heritage.

Eli Ben Issachar
Odessa, Texas

Spiritually empty

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I was blessed to be raised in a family aware and conscious of my heritage along with the love of The Most High and Christ. What I did not know was what my heritage and nationality truly were. I grew mentally through education and life experiences but remained empty spiritually, constantly searching for what the Most High's plan was for me. I had an on and off again relationship with a man that shared his findings of who we both were, what it meant to love the Most High, and how we were supposed to live our lives in accordance with the bible. At first, I was skeptical but all the teachings from the Elders and Deacons of IUIC made perfect sense and left me feeling whole. I slowly but surely began to understand that I was not only comfortable in my sin, but had been blinded by the evils and lies of this world. Through study, discipline, and the true love of the Most High, I now have all of the things that I ever thought possible. My life now has meaning and direction. I give all praises to the Most High for sending me my husband and allowing his word to come to me through him, via the teachings of the men of Israel United in Christ! My family is truly blessed to be a part of a congregation that is strong in the Lord and focused on building our nation! Shalom MHNCB!

Tanji Irby (The House of Amaziah)
Atlanta, Ga

Opening the eyes of so many

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I will like to say thank you my fellow brothers there in the Americas, for opening the eyes of so many of our lost brothers out there. I can't lie, i found the truth when i was about 20 now I'm 32 yrs, just because the Almighty saw i was disperate to know and learn more about who i really am, he open my eyes to so many things. Due to my job Yah showed me so many things, because this things i knew on my own without the teaching of men and so-called pastors, i started feeling that i've been in this world before (as in a regeneration). But nevertheless, Anytime i finish reading Yah words or finish watching some videos, when i go outside all that happen is that i start feelling sorry for our brothers that are far lost and the distruction that is coming upon the wicked ones very soon and those that has also lure our fellow brothers and sisters into believing that there is no God or that they are God or they are better off without him.
Another painful part is that when our brothers and sisters say they believe in most high and when you open up the bible for them to teach them the truth of Yah and is hatred for some certain people and why they shouldn't mix up themselves or Jesus or the most high is Black they start finding way to always look you like a racist or a sober person. Well may Yah open up their heart to the truth as time goes on.

Also i will like to say thank you for all the waken up call you have done to our brothers and sisters there in the west, more of the truth need to spread to our fellow brothers in europe which is filled up by mostly the tribe of Benjamin and Levi(The west indies and others). No wonder Yahosuah said the end will not come not until the words have been spread out to all his people.
Thank you IUIC.
May Yah Almighty (The Elohim) bless you all.

Micheal Amas Ben Isreal
Paris, France.

I didn't have much fear

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The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever. -- Psalm 111:10

Fear is a powerful thing. Before coming into the Truth, I didn't have much fear, but as I began to think, i realized that people did not have much fear of The Most High when He flooded the whole Earth, or when He destroyed entire cities with fire. I realized that I have been pretty lucky that no major judgements have come my way. I began to fear that if i do not turn my life around, my luck may run out. My fear sent me on a spiritual journey and I began to realize that the Bible is not written as it is commonly being taught. And thats how I began learning with IUIC. I am happy to finally make sense of life and be amongst people that actually want to repent and live in righteousness and not just talk about it. It feels good to share a common interest and purpose with my people.

Azaniah Elichai Ben Israel
Austin, TX

I am So Thankful

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I am So Thankful to the Most High And Christ For Waking Me up to
This Beautiful Truth I was out there running from one church to another
Thristing because my spirit was restless, so I just stop going to any of them. I stayed home, prayed asking The lord to please show me what was Right. and this was around 1989 I saw The Now Elder Nathanyel
On TV He and Another Brother Reading And explaining the Scriptures the way I have never heard it Before, All praises I said this is finally, All praises Im not thirsting anymore Israel
Shanah Israel
Butler , Alabama

Shanah Israel
Butler Alabama

I was lost in the world

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Shalom Israel.... I was rasied in a Christian church but was confused. I didnt understand why the people in church was the same as the ones that are in the world couldnt tell the difference (when i came into the truth i realize there isnt a difference). I became tired of the only answer i would be given to any problem is to give more money.. So I left the chruch and was lost in the world for many years..Then i met my husband and we started growing in the truth together and still growing... All praises to the Most High for allowing us to have an opportunity to be apart of this truth... MHNCB to you and urs....

Jesscel Reed

I was groping in darkness

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A year ago i was blind to the truth. i was groping in darkness, searching for the truth, but couldn't seem to find it. i was so caught up in conspiracy theories, and illuminati, and all of that garbage. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD AND CHRIST, for opening up my understanding one day when i was on youtube. however all the videos that i heard on youtube was a very generic statement : 'the white man is the devil'. but  what i didnt find was instructions on how to deal with the demons i have, until i came to israel united in christ. all praises to the most high and christ these men got the truth and they do the truth . this is home and these are my real family.

jahleel ben israel
stratford connecticut

I was being mislead

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I was being mislead with out the full truth, not knowing scripturs to back up what I'm dilling about life. I now know I'm a Israelite from the curses from Deuteronomy 28:15-68 I reconize the true love as in second John vers 6. I now follow the law, statutes, and commandments now. Now I look to see who is following the law

Doug Matthews (soon to be) Mattityahu Gil-Ad
Antioch, Ca

I finally got answers

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Shalom Israel,
First off, let me say I’m from the tribe of JUDAAAAH :) I came into this truth by trying to find an alternative to celebrating Christmas. I remembered reading in Jeremiah 10:1-5 that we are not to celebrate that holiday. My son had just turned two years old, and I just didn’t feel right about having him celebrate it. Being ignorant to the truth, I wanted to take a trip to Jerusalem for Christmas every year. I thought I would be able to escape that wicked holiday; so I decided to look at some videos that people posted of their trips to Jerusalem. I was so shocked to see that people were celebrating Christmas there. Another camps video showed up and I learned that I am an Israelite. I was so amazed to see so called black men going off on white men (telling them they were devils). All that excitement went away when I had a conversation with one of the elders of that congregation. I was reaching out for help with a situation I was in at the time and he was more concerned with getting another wife. I honestly thought for a minute that all Israelites were crazy, but something kept telling me to watch Elder Nathanyels videos. I searched through the site for nothing in particular, and saw a comment a sister posted on one of the videos. She was asking why Israelite brothers have multiple wives when the New Testament was against it. The elder explained to her that she was right and posted the scriptures to confirm it. I was curious to see what he was teaching, and could immediately tell the difference. I finally got answers to things that were bothering me. I no longer felt like the crazy one in this world for viewing this differently from others. It felt good to see that the whole world wasn’t crazy and there were people that sincerely cared about the most High. Through the videos, I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to repent from. I wanted to be close to the leaders, so I moved to NY and have been here ever since.

Sima Israel
Bronx, NY

My life was filled with confusion

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Born in El Salvador, Raised as a 7th Day Adventist, my life was filled with confusion and tossing and turning within myself. Hate filled sexually fiening little demon I grew up being. Nothing I did was ever right, filled with maliciousness.
Then I took a turning point where I started trying to take a hold of myself but didn't know how.
So I sat and meditated on life, searching from one philosophy to the other,
and compared and studied the "American Dream"
In this world nothing lasts, once you get your house, your family, career, fancy car, that's it? but if the White Man wants, he can take it all at will. There has to be more to life.
Questions after questions thirsty for truth,
Decided to get serious about the bible in the 7DA Church but the Most High sent his messenger right on time.
Took 6 months before coming in and when I entered the school, the words "Welcome Home" never held worth until that day.
All Praises to the Most High he's bringing us back,
Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Gedaliah Ben Israel
Freeport, NY

I was so confused

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I grew up in a Christian, Afrocentrism, Egyptology, Conspiracy theory, Islamic 5% background. I was always taught that the original Man and Jesus is black but I was so confused in who God is or was because of all the philosophies i was exposed to, so i became an Atheist. When i was 15 years old my mother was watching, the Elder Nathanyel on a TV network called Public Access. She yelled 'Shateek (my slave name) come and watch the Israelites! I glanced at it and i refused to watch it. 2 years later I met Officer Yahn in high school. He showed me through the scriptures in the spirit of Christ that i was an Israelite from the tribe of Judah and that i have to keep the commandments to get to the kingdom.He put me on to Elder Nathanyels videos on YouTube and i was hooked but i was procrastinating on going to the army of IUIC. In school, Officer Yahn would get on me about not going to the school and read Lev 23 and i felt ashamed, and a coward. But it was time to gird up my loins like a man and i went to the army of iuic. I remember my first Steps in the IUIC School on 1088 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn and that was the greatest day of my life. That was in 2010 it is now 2013. I taught in high school and now im Teaching in College with Officer Yahn, Officer Ozias, and Soldier Gedalya and we are not Afraid. Shalom Israel MHNCBU JUUUUUDAAAAHHHH

Liam Israel
Freeport NY


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 At the age of 15 I was crazy about the Illuminati, literally addicted to finding new diabolical plots the government were planning. I can remember conversations with me and my uncle discussing what we researched during the week. There were times I would mention these stupid Illuminati plans I would come upon in researching, and on the phone he would "Shhhhhhhh.... they're listening". Me being simple, I would say " Oh my bad you right I forgot we cannot speak like this on the phone". All of that lead me to the true path, and that's understanding I'm an Israelite. I came to find Elder Nathanyel Judah-Ben Israel on YouTube, and fell in love with the way he taught the scriptures. I never saw someone so boldly go out in the streets and teach the Bible completely contrary to the churches. The one thing I could hear in his teachings was the faith he has for the word, likewise the Deacons. So, at 16 I remember walking through the doors and seeing women on the right with head coverings, and brothers on the left with Bibles, notebooks, pens, and paper. I never saw a unity like this among our people. I remember sitting down next to Elder Nathanyel on my first class, and as we were reading along I was thinking "oh shoot... this is the brother from the video". So I had to ask him something... so I asked him "what does the word woe mean?", and I already knew what it meant. I just wanted to finally speak to the Brother from the videos! Israel one thing I love reminiscing on... is the journey and path of how the Lord bought me into this truth; this was my abridged version. All Praises to the Most High and Christ! I pray the MH blesses Israel United In Christ as a congregation and I pray we can endure to the end. We all lost fleshly family, but gained true family.

Luke 15:[10] Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

Shalom, Peace.

Yahn Benjamin-Ben Israel
NewYork, NY

I was once dead

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 04 20.39

I give all praises to the Most High for choosing me to take part in this glorious walk. I thank Him for sending me to IUIC daily. I was never raised in church and did not believe in God. I first heard about God when I was a teenager. I decided to go to church at the age of 14 for help and understood that it was a lie. The same people that was praising the Lord on Sunday, was smoking weed and having sex with whoever on Monday. I began to despise the church and did not want to hear anything about God. I became porno watching, lying, thieving, homo-thug nigga with an alcholic problem till about a year ago. The Most High brought me to a very low point in my life. I became desprate for truth. I did not like the person I had become. I was desperate for change. I had lost all hope. I said myself "This can't be all there is to life". I became curious as to what was wrong with me and inturn became curious as to what was wrong with my people. The Most High brought me to IUIC on youtube. I saw that EVERYTHING that I learned before was a lie. From who I was to what I had become. I don't remember the first video I ever watched but as soon I heard the truth I fell on the floor and asked the Most High for forgiveness. I was so wicked that the Word of God felt like a hot blade had sliced through me. All Praises to the Most High, and to Christ for making it possible to repent. I give thanks to Elder Nathanyel and Elder Kani as well as all of the Deacons and Officers for their guidence. To my brothers and sisters for bringing great joy to one who was once dead.

Aharon Ben Yisrael
Mocksville, North Carolina

I see my purpose

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I grew up in christianity, and I thought that was enough. As I got older, the whole in my heart grew bigger and bigger which lead to a cycle of sin that I couldnt get out of. No amount of church services could take that hole out of my heart. I knew God loved me, I just didnt know how much. I surrounded myself with people who I thought could fill that hole, but it lead me further and further in my sin. I thank the Most High for giving me a certain common sense that kept me out of trouble. But I believe the Most High heard my prayer for guidence out of this dark area in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and the Most High, step by step led me to Israel United in Christ. Thank God for the internet, because thats how I found the truth, and ever since I have been doing my best to be obedient to his law the best way I knew how. Regardless how my family felt, so-called friends, I knew I had found something worth changing my life for. Its a daily struggle with my family, but the LORD is my strength. I see life differently now, I see why I am here on this planet. I see my purpose, and that is to serve the Most High with my whole heart. Thank you Israel United In Christ, Elders, Deacons, Officers, Soldiers, Brothers and Sisters. Most of all, thank you God and Jesus the Christ for calling me and waking me up. I love you all. Shalom and blessings to you all.

Hanna Baht Israel
Brawley, CA

I have grown so much


What can I say I have went through many phases in my life. I grew up in a Edomite church that I know now was heavily involved in witchcraft. However I thought I was righteous speaking in tongues, and doing intercessory prayer. Then being in the Pastor's Circle about 6 years ago with my cousin and aunt in law we was all involved in christianity. Then we all got into the truth together. The Louisville Camp has grown so much and I have grown so much in knowledge and finally obeying the laws.

Eliana Israel (House of Eran)
Louisville, KY

I was living in a fantasy

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 04 20.26

For 27 years of my life I was living in a fantasy land. Being force fed not only by our enimies, but by my own flesh and blood lies and deciet. Trained up to be a another savage on the street falling subject to sex, drugs and violence with a horrible education. Then in march of 2012 Me and my Wife came across I.U.I.C which changed our lives DRAMATICALLY. Now we stand stifly in the commandments in the faith of Christ! Knowing that we are the Choosen People of the Most High God! All Praises to the Most High God and Christ for the Elders & Deacons for putting in so much work to build our nation back up.

Michael Ben Israel
Belleville, Michigan


ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 04 20.23

I remember trying to read and understand the Bible, while I was in the world, and giving up from being so confused and lacking patience. I was not disciplined enough to study nor did I seek for wisdom. I was happy being in my sin and having my eyes completely shut. I was always seeking truth and now I've found it. THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! And can't be refuted. All praises to the Most High for putting me with righteous men who are keeping the Laws of God and being an example for us to follow and strive to. I pray we all stay in the spirit and continue to be examples for each other and our brothers and sisters still in the world who lack the understanding we have been awakened to and continue raising up righteous Israelites.


Amaziah Ben Israel
Atlanta, Georgia

I'm battling the world

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 04 20.20

The love I have for my people is more than what I can express in words. I remember as a young boy being called black and teased for having big lips (lol) not knowing that my features are beautiful and in the image of the Most High. I grew up in a two-parent household (rare among our people) with a younger brother and sister. The family, like most, was and still is matriarchal. We would go to church every now and then but there seemed to be no progress as far as spiritually and psychologically. My parents argued a lot (like most parents) but the way my mother would degrade my father psychologically and mentally sparked something inside that made me want to reverse this dysfunction we were living in, even to this day. I knew that we as men must TAKE OUR FAMILIES BACK but how? Fast forward to my high school years. I remember, some days, on my way home from school there would be brothers at the train station handing out Israelite literature. I knew that our history was more than just "we are Africans and sold into slavery". Sounds pretty vague to me. Anyway, I would take the literature, read it, and fold it and put it my pocket with the intention of "reading it when I got home" but that never happened. Fast forward to now; I met a high school friend of mine who was awakened by the spirit of the Lord but he is a with a different camp. He began to explain how the white man was a devil and that we were God's CHOSEN PEOPLE. Like most, I took it in but there was something inside of me that said "that sounds too militant". After the seed was planted i began researching and had that zeal I hear the Deacons talking about even though I'm battling the world. Long story short, I became over zealous and the Lord cut me like a ginsu lol. Then he brought IUIC in my life, a group of brothers with wisdom and who follow God's laws faithfully and righteously. Sirach 2:5 "For the gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity". I LOVE MY PEOPLE! Shalom, Israel.

Jamal Williams
Washington, DC

I was so confused and angry

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 04 20.17

Christian church with this 80+ year old pastor preachin' u know I fell asleep often. He kept pointing at his black and white picture with his family in front of some cabin-lookin-house in almost all his sermons...smh, too much. I called my dad one day and asked him if I can be saved lol He basically said do what you want. So I went to go get dipped in some water...and thats where it all started folks...the madness.

So, that church crumbled to about 10 members due to some strife about money and such with the leadership....division. So I went to college, leaving that mess behind, but still believing there was a God. Got into a whole heap of trouble during those days....hence, I sought for comfort. Found a church on campus,and they were more lively...I guess to keep up with the house parties and such. The pastor was your stereotypical-hoppin' around-screamin-breathin' hard-pastor. So I was Christianed out after a while. It was bad..real bad.

Then that church crumbled to about 10 people due to adultery on the pastor's part, then his wife got raised up to be a pastor. HOTT MESS. I was so confused and angry as to why God's churches are hott messes. So I left. Then I found this interesting guy named Ringo on youtube. He sounded Christian but with somethin' extra. I wanted to know who taught him so I can be taught too. FINALLY he said "..Nathanyel7.." in 1 of his videos, and I thought, "THAT MUST BE HIS TEACHER!". So I researched Nathanyel7 on youtube and have been keeping God's laws ever since. All praises to the MHN&C & the strong leadership of IUIC. I'm home now & staying.

Phil.1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

Zemira Israel

Lost In The Dark

ScreenHunter_07 Feb. 28 18.40

All my life I felt alone even with people around me I could not figure out what was wrong with me. Then The Most High blessed me to find IUIC now I know this is family I always wanted/needed...

Eran Ben Israel
louisville ky


ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 28 18.36

Before finding IUIC with my husband, I was that girl that thought I knew who I was. I had traveled away for college, was wrapping up my degree, had been through some good and some horrible, had been in a solid relationship turned marriage for six years, and was expecting my first babies (TWINS). My husband and I were members of an evangelistic church, attended church every Sunday, and paid our tithes. We knew we were paying for our pastor's big house in Northville (Michigan's version of the Hamptons) but we continued to pay because we did not want to look bad in the eyes of the Lord. We even got baptized. But deep down, we both knew that something was not right. Me and my lord would always talk about still feeling empty and leaving church like "is that it?" I remember when my husband came across some videos on YouTube. At first I was hesitant because we had previously came across another camp and I knew they were a joke, especially when they started talking about paying thousands of dollars to leave the country. But something was different about IUIC. At that time, I did not know it, but I was home. Since then, it has been a long and hard journey. I've had to change, adjust, and re-adjust, not just my way of thinking but my way of living. I can honestly say that I am a work in progress. And you know what? IT FEELS GOOD! I came from a close knit family and they do not understand the changes I have made and the way I am raising my daughters. There have been many sabotage attempts. I still struggle but my husband tells me that he sees my progress. I thought I was losing family but instead I have gained one! I have gained mothers, sisters, a few brothers, and fathers. IUIC has no idea how much they have changed my life. I look forward to my continued growth for myelf and my family. I feel so blessed to be walking this journey and to really be able to teach my daughters how to live righteously. Its been a long year for me, but I AM NOT TURNING BACK!!!

Whitnee House of Michael Ben Israel

I was a slave to lies

ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 28 18.30

I grew up learning how not to give much thought about anything that didn't directly affect me. It didn't matter that we were once slaves, as long as I wasn't a slave now. As I got older i began to realize that I was infact still a slave. I was a slave to lies. I was too angry to articulate it though. About 5 years ago I joined a baptist church with hopes of finding much needed direction. The music the hooping and hollering, the women shaking and speaking in tongues (LOL) it all made for a great stage show. But i opften times left church puzzled. Never the less I went faithfully. The more I went the more I realized I was only enjoying the good feelings. Every1 knows each other, it seemed like the building of community, and off course "my pastor said" LoL.. Shortly there after a friend exposed me to the truth. I didn't even realize it was the truth because i had come to think the baptist church was the truth..Initially when he told me about certain scriptures i wouldn't read them because I didn't want anything to interfere with my good feeling sundays. (Deep down I knew something was wrong) When I started to actually read the Bible, take notes and study as the men of I.U.I.C would suggest that you do in their youtube videos. It started to become clear to me. That I had to leave that devilish church.. No longer did i wonder why there were no so called blacks in the Bible, or have that properity gospel seared into my mind. The truth was right infront of my face the entire time but because i was a nicca that didn't read i believed every wicked word those pastors uttered. I give all praise and honor to the MOST HIGH and his righteous son CHRIST for revealing the true Gospel to the Elders, Deacons, Officers, brothers and sisters of I.U.I.C. My brother (friend) planted the seed I.U.I.C watered and the MH & CHRIST gave the increase. I am thankful for the TRUTH, It is a blessing Matt 13:16-17 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears

Shemaiah Ben Israel
Atlanta, GA.

The Most High had a plan for my life

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.26.24 PM

As i read everyone's testimonials what struck me is that no matter where we lived we all share a common bond. Which is mercy shown towards us. I can certainly say without being awaken to the truth i would be dead. Living fast, no laws governing me i was young and too smart for myself , reckless. The Most High had a plan for my life and set me on a course that lead me to Florida . I am humbled that he choose to share his wisdom with me. Intrusting me with so great of responsibility in leading his children back to him. After years it still seems surreal, that i'm on a corner teaching the masses. I ask the Most High & Christ to keep me humble and use me as a tool for righteousness.
1 John 3:1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:

Shalom your brother in Christ

Elder Kani Gabar Ben Israel
Orlando, Fl

Before I heard this truth, I believed there was a God, but I didn't care to know about a God

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.31.28 PM

What can I say that everyone hasn't said already? Before I heard this truth, I believed there was a God, but I didn't care to know about a God that loved everybody equally or a God that forgave men that murdered and raped a specific group of people. I remember growing up in a White neighborhood and I would ask myself why didn't God make me white? Was I not good enough? I began studying with Officer Liam, the power he has made me want to learn. Everything he taught me, I only had wished he would have entered my life sooner; if I would have only known that the oracles of God are only for us, Black, Hispanics and Native Americans, the most high hated people. Shalom Family, May the Most High in The Name of Christ Bless You All.

Gabriela Baht Israel
Brooklyn, NY

I was born in Hell

ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 26 18.24

I was born in hell and never knew it. Till the truth was given to me and I was set free. From the spiritual locks that kept me in darkness. To the carnal chains that kept me in death. I thought I knew it all but I didn't know a damn thing. Everything I was led to believe were all lies to keep me asleep. Yet by the mercy and compassion of The Most High I was granted the opportunity to learn and accept the truth. I came across the brothers in Israel United In Christ. I checked out all the videos and immediately began my life long journey. I confessed my sins and prayed for the forgiveness of The Most High through Christ. I am no longer a latino/hispanic/spic, I am who I was born to be I am an Israelite from the tribe of Zebulon. I am thankful and proud and I can't wait for the 144000 and the 1/3rd to be sealed. May The Most High In Christ Bless You All.

Medan Israel
Los Angeles, California

Revealing to me the Truth

ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 26 18.20

Thanks to YAHWEH The ONE and ONLY Living GOD, and His Son Yeshua the Messiah for revealing to me the truth. I prayed and he answered my prayer's to lead me to his truth. I am just so excited about the history of my people that I am learning, and so thankful to be around those whom are gathered for the glory of YAHWEH and his Son Yeshua it is a beautiful thing...Absolutely beautiful!!!! Sooooooo Excited about my journey...Shalom brothers and sisters I know you will be blessed..Praise to the Almighty YHWEH!!!!!

Rashean Judah Israel
Savannah, GA

Speaking the truth boldly

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 10 12.35

I have family but for some reason that wasn't enough, I went to the streets and found out how cold the world really was... And in the midst of wickedness people always told me i'm not like the rest of the guys i was running with, so in 1990 this brother i grew up with was speaking the truth boldly everything he was saying he went to the bible.. So that caught my attention i wasn't raised in church but i knew what he was saying was true through the spirit,well i went to the school for 6 months on 125th in 1990 but it wasn't my time for me to wake up..and from 1990 to 2010 i went through hell every year something was going wrong in my life i couldn't figure it 0ut,2008 my mother became sick i started reading the bible to her and that woke my spirit up. I seen videos of Israel united in christ i enjoyed seeing the word coming out and the laws which other camps were not bringing out , all praises to the MOST HIGH IN THE FAITH OF CHRIST for giving me a chance to come back and do his will.. I always had love for our people that's who i grew up around and wondered why our connection was so strong we always could relate on many situtaions.. So teaching them now i can answer all questions through the bible with the" GUIDANCE OF THE ELDERS AND DEACONS" (ACTS8:30-31)(ROM10:14-15) SO i'm proud to stand up for the MOST HIGH and CHRIST in the battle of GOOD OVER EVIL the NATION OF ISRAEL RETURNING TO OUR RIGHTFUL RULERSHIP THAT WAS GIVEN TO ISRAEL SINCE THE WORLD WAS CREATED..SHALOM MHICB "ISRAEL UNITED IN CHRIST"

Officer Hananiah Ben Israel
Brooklyn,new york

The Most High was right on time!

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 26 18.11

I remember my husband pulling out and reading some old notebooks & a torn up Bible. I didn't ask questions right away, but one day I looked through one and saw scripture notes dated back from like '95 & I thought to myself, "Wow, I wish he was still into this." Then I kept turning pages and saw "Israel" written in graffiti style all over and thought he was crazy. Lol I didn't mention it until a few days later while he was watching YouTube videos about how we had to get guns and survival kits or something. Lol some of y'all know what I'm talking but no, I think I asked him as he was watching street teachings. He stopped the video, called me over and read Revelation 1:14-15. "Wow! So why does everyone say and think Jesus is white?!" He explained and I knew right there that I had just learned something GREAT! I was excited, yet angry. I didn't really have any religious background; my family only went to church on so-called Good Friday and I always hated it; I never felt comfortable in any church. I sent an email to my family telling them who we really were and what we needed to do thinking they'd be as excited as I was--Yea, right! ... So, my husband soon found IUIC and here we are 3 years later. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be awaken out of sleep; thankful to have such great Leadership and to be united with my brothers & sisters in Christ! Our lives changed in the blink of an eye and I always say that the Most High was right on time! All Praises to the Most HIGH & Christ! Shalom

Aminah Israel (House of Officer Zephaniah)
New York

Can these bones live?

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 26 18.07

Can these bones live? An out a placed child, I've always stood out, the so called "Black Sheep" of my family. With no structure or hope to look forward to, my search for who I am began. From being rebellious to striving for righteousness. I came in this truth with my wonderful Lord Officer RaimYah Israel. My lord & I in 2008 came across a video on Myspace....yes I said Myspace and the journey began there. We drove 18 hours to Long Island to meet people we had only spoken to via phone calls and through emails but that drive for knowledge and wanting to find who we were according to the bible couldn't keep us away. When I first heard that we were Israel, I felt stupid, in the back of my mind Im saying Ive been in church all my life and I don't know who, what or where Israel is ,let alone what an Israelite is. But now I know so its time to Apply & I personally want to thank Israel United In Christ for loving me enough to correct me and for being an example. I now know what a father truly is because of the Leadership/Men of IUIC. It may not feel good but I appreciate the love, the whooping in the scriptures and the knowledge. It is making me a better woman, a faithful sister, a loving mother, a pillar of rest & attentive wife and a true daughter of Sarah. I'm learning & applying & want to help push this marvelous truth in any way possible. I am indeed grateful for the Leadership of IUIC & my Israelite family scattered abroad.

All Praises to the Most High God & our King Christ
Shalom MHNCB

Sis Ahshiyah from the House of Officer RaimYah
I.U.I.C. Chicago ILL

Words can't express the True Love I have been taught

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 19.01

All Praises To The Most High God and Christ For The Elders & Deacons/REAL MEN Of Israel United In Christ. Who have been Counselors, Therapist & Fathers To The Father-Less ! Threw The Knowledge & Spirit Of The Most High God & Grace Of Christ Our King, They have taught me THREW THE SCRIPTURES & THERE EXAMPLES, How To Be a Man and not a Lost Little Nigga Boy , From GD To Judah To Sum It Up !
From The First Phone Call i gave them in '08, I been learning, growing, STUMBLING NUMEROUSLY AND GETTING CORRECTED & TAKING IT, and training up to be instrumental in the REBUILDING OF MY LOST NATION ! ISRAEL ! Because there is a much bigger picture that The Most High God got that i knew nuthin about and i'm glad to be on the RIGHT side of his plans. This Congregation and the Leadership & ORDER is priceless and have changed my life, my marriage, me as a father to my children and a future leader to My People threw the spirit and scriptures from a long distance. Words can't express the True Love I have been taught to Have For My Nation Israel, My Family & Myself ! How To Talk and Carry myself and treat people as a True Young Israelite Man !
I Pray To Most High God & Christ To Be a Continuance Of Righteous Examples Of True Leaders Given by Our Fore-Fathers in The Scriptures, Continuing With the Elders & Deacons Of Israel United In Christ has been to ME & MY FAMILY In TRUE Sincerity, Love, Diligence & Obedience to The Purpose & Program Of The Most High God !
I'm Proud and Very Honored to Know, To Be Learning, Growing & Apart With Such Great Men In Our Time, Together With The Power Of The Most High God To Accomplish his Will on Earth !
Salute & Double Honor To The Elders & Deacons Of Israel United In Christ, MHNCB Yall !

Officer RaimYah Israel
I.U.I.C. - Chicago,IL

I immediately knew this was referring to me

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.53

Before discovering IUIC, I was directed to Deuteronomy 28: 15-68. As soon as I read it, I immediately knew this was referring to me and my people; even if some did not believe this truth. The Most High & Christ guided me directly to Israel United in Christ. This is a place where it is taught to be the best Israelite men & women you can be with a strong family structure thru biblical scriptures to back it up. I wanted to know how to please The Most High and how to carry myself as an Israelite woman and IUIC was the only place I found that gives you the complete guidance and discipline you need. Everything I’m learning is shaping me into what I need to be and I am blessed to have a very gifted panel of teachers that are there for Israel when they need them. Finding out that I, and all my people are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel; God’s chosen people, was the biggest gift I could have ever received. This is the most precious gift I could have received and no one can take this away.

Shannah Israel

I was that lost boy

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.49

I was that lost boy walking around pants saggin', no direction, angry with a chip on my shoulder (as my mother called it). I could not understand why I was alive and why me and my people where at the bottom, no matter how hard I searched school text books,etc I could not find why. Then one day as I was surfing the internet looking at videos I came across a video titled "The Negro Is NOT African". I thought to my self, if we are not african than who are we? I clicked the link and was amazed! Scripture after scripture was cited from the book of Deuteronomy 28 chapter about how if we sinned against the Lord he would bring evil on us, and he did! It finally clicked. After the video I got on my knees and told God Almighty I was sorry, at the time I didn't know what specific sins I was sorry for but I knew inside I was sorry. A few months later of watching IUIC videos and getting cut I made a decision to serve the Most High with my whole heart and took a leap of faith. I moved to Chicago where I knew a God fearing Israelite was who was also part of IUIC. I hit him up found out where he and others where fellow shipping and joined. I have been here ever since. Lord's will I plan to stay diligent in building up this spiritual house, and being instrumental in anyway I can to push this glorious gospel to my people. I want the Lord to remember me for my good and not for the evils i've done. Psalms 106:[4] Remember me, O LORD, with the favour that thou bearest unto thy people: O visit me with thy salvation;

Gabriel Zerubbabel -Ben Israel

I'm forever grateful to be in this truth!

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.45

Ugh where do i begin?! Israel this journey has been a roller coaster ride to say the least, from a Baptist church, to Seventh day Adventist and now here. I went through it on something serious. Having gotten kicked out of my home for wanting to do my own thing and really follow the bible (keeping the 10 commandments)and the Sabbath, Which was a blessing bacause my mother has the Jezebel spirit down to a T! so in order for me to get where i am now TMH brought the fire to my life mom thinks im rebellious both parents hate my bf for influencing me to keep the commandmentds, and my life just seemed to be a downward spiral, nothing but drama! But I know now that He set it up for me to no longer be under her control so I moved in with my bf which is now my husband and he and i joined SDA, we started having bible study classes with an elder from the church and we came across the twelve tribes.. my husband became curious of them, he was soo persistent in wanting to know who they were but no one could answer him... So he did his research and for weeks and weeks but still couldn't find anything..I remember throwing things out there like what if they have something to do with the zodiac signs and what not but nothing sounded right..until the day of our honeymoon we somehow came across the topic and he asked who could they be so I suggested that maybe they were different nations or something ...and from there he took that and did more research only to come across the 12 tribes break down video..We've been learning ever since, so I give ALL praises to The Most High for opening my eyes, my husbands eyes and for bringing me out of the dark and from everything that tried to hold me back. I truly believe that this was a calling, and Im forever grateful to be in this truth! All Praises! MHNCB :-)

Tiffara israel
Willingboro NJ

I NEVER looked back!

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.34

I learned of this truth in 07' while serving a year in the county jail by a brother who was affiliated with The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ. I was released and joined that camp back home in Fort Myers, Florida. I moved to Orlando, Florida in 08, but i was still with The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ. I was studying in a library, when i ran across Elder Nathanyel and Barak Shar at the time. Once i heard the Elders teach, i knew that is where the truth was being taught! I immediately called Elder Nathanyel, then he connected me with Elder Kani, who was already here in Orlando, and i NEVER looked back! 5 years strong with Israel United in Christ.

Abiyr AriYah

Now that I know the truth

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.26

I was at a very low point in my life I knew that something was not right when i could not step foot inside a ''church'' I was told that there where black Jews I was in disbelief. I began searching the internet and I saw a video on Deuteronomy 28. After that is when I came across Israel united in Christ now I look @ everything differently. I have tried showing family members and they tell me that I am in a cult. Now that I know the truth. I have been teaching my children differently and showing them the right way to live. Besides my wife and kids my brother is also changing his ways.

Thaddeus Lencrerot

My eyes was close and now they are open

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.20

My eyes are open now.....I had no understanding about the bible...But All Praise to the Most High and his son Christ he lead me to the brothers at Israel Unite in Christ. I always wanted to know why did our people go into slavery but i could never get an anwser but the brothers at I.U.I.C made it all clear by giving me the understanding about who we are as a people and the truth about the bible and now I been with them about 10 months now and still going. All Praise to the Most High....My eyes was close and now they are open...

Sirach Ben Israel
Saint Louis MO.

My soul was never satisfied

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 18.12

I have been on a quest for truth on and off my entire life; but with many confusing doctrines out there; my soul was never satisfied with my findings. I grew up in the church, so I was indoctrinated with a lot of confusion. But one thing I did do, I always read the bible. With the little understanding that I was able to attain; it was enough for me to know that what I was reading and what was being taught did not line up. One scripture alway stood out to me and that was John 18:37-38, when Pilate asked Christ what was truth?. My prayer has always been for God not to allow me to die in my sins, without knowing what truth is. Well I thank the Most High for his Grace and Mercy through his Son, that just when I was about to give up, he stepped in and revealed to me TRUTH by way of his servants at Israel United In Christ. I am also truly blessed to be able to fellowship and be taught and be led by example by the Elder Kani and his family at IUIC, Florida. I have obtained more knowledge and understanding in the 3 years of walking in truth, from the Elders, Deacons and Officers, than I did in my entire life in and out of the church. I am blessed to know who I AM (Romans 10:14-15) All Praises !!!!

Roniyah Baht Israel
Sanford, Florida

I always believed there was something special about my people

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 12.18.12 AM

I always believed there was something special about my people "The So Called African American" but I never could figure it out, until one night in Tokyo, Japan I was surfing the internet and came across the name "Black Jews" which sparked my curiosity. Within my re-search thru many Israelite Camps I came across "Israel United In Christ" and have appreciated the compassion, knowledge and wisdom of Elder Nathanyel`s teaching every since. Passed it on to my family and we have been in this truth every since. It is a blessing to know who you are as a nation and to be strong in the Lord!! All Praises To The Most High!!


House Of David Israel AKA: The Family From Japan
Las Vegas, NV

No amount of worldly education will ever compare to knowledge of self

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 12.10.18 AM

Although I was not raised in a religious family or in a church, I would have never in a million years guess that I would one day be learning my true heritage among such leadership. I have learned so much about myself in one year studying with IUIC than I could have in my lifetime without them. IUIC has sparked that curiosity in the bible again that I once had when I was a young teen and to now be able to understand the bible is nothing short of a blessing. I truly believe that Israel United in Christ is what the nation of Israel needs to move forward and I'm ecstatic that I'm able to be a part of it. No amount of worldly education will ever compare to knowledge of self. I thank the God of Israel and his Christ for providing such honorable teachers to bring the truth of the scriptures forward for the world to see.

Meira J. Israel
Boston, MA

This truth has made such a huge difference in my life

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 12.03.48 AM

I can't begin to express how much finding this Truth, or better yet it finding me, has made such a huge difference in my life and who I am. I have been so lost or caught up in so many loose end doctrines or dead end teachings that I won't even bother go into the details about. I was lost in a life of misguided attempts at getting it right, but I had never had parental guidance or support and I was one of those dreamers waiting for Prince Charming to rescue me or for someone to at least Love me and make me feel whole. After leaving the last bad relationship I ever planned on being in I prayed to God to show me the Truth of what I must do to serve him right cuz I wasn't feeling the church system or any other religious system for that matter. I didn't want to be lost and confused anymore and not long afterward an old high school aquantance who I hadn't spoken to in years messaged me outta the blue on facebook with a video called "Iconoclasm - Many days without an Image" about Irony! After not knowing who I am or what value I have and feeling so depressed for way too long...watching that video changed my life and my daughter's life as well. Being in this truth is nothing short of a blessing that I can't do without. I am greatful for all my brothers and sisters in this Truth, tho I have never met you I feel so close to you all (the internet is a hell of a network connector...LOL). Thank the Lord God Almighty and our Saviour Jesus Christ for stepping in and shepperding us back to the fold. Shalom IUIC and Israel! MHNCBU!

Gabriella Benjamin Israel
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

I can't think of a word to express my gratitude


I Can't Think Of A Word To Express My Gratitude To The Most High For Granting Me Such Mercies.. With Such A Dark Past I Shall Never Feel Worthy Of Such. All Praises Be To The Most High And His Christ.
-"Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people,"
-Blessed Be The Laborers That Have Taught In Faith In Christ In All Adversity..

"Oh Israel Live Forever"

Bugzy Judah Roze

The Bible is absolutely accurate

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.53.25 PM

All praises to the most high and Christ for the leaders of IUIC, my family recognizes the things written in the Bible, it tells us our responsibility in order to be a nation our true nationality and history.Reconnecting with Christ enables us to gain a distinct consciousness of ourselves.I thank the Most High and Christ for Elder Nathanyel Deacon Asaph, Deacon Yawasap Deacon Aithan, Deacon Labachaa, Deacon Malachiyah. Briefly may we say that the Bible is absolutely accurate in detail and proportion and therefore a marvelous reality.We(wife & son) been through to much to turn back now. IUIC is our family and this truth saved our lives from going off in the world!!!! Me Priscilla & our son Judaea thank Christ for his mercy and for the superb leadership that Christ set up at IUIC..

Aquila Ben Israel
Brooklyn Ny

I knew from that verse the Bible was talking to me

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.50.36 PM

Isaiah 51:20 Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net... That was one of the first scriptures I heard as a young man that moved my spirit. I knew from that verse the Bible was talking to me & my people (so called Blacks & Hispanics). I was a wild bull caught in the traps set up for our young men to fail. I knew I was Israel back then but I was not applying God's laws in the faith of Christ to my life. It took 15 years later through the grace and mercy of the Most High for me to apply God's commandments. I finally know who I am and what my purpose in life is [Ecclesiastes 12:13]. To help raise our people from their dead estate. All praises , honor & glory to the Most High God of Israel and his son Jesus Christ.

Officer Zephaniah Ben Israel
IUIC New York

I grew up without a father, like most young black men

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.42.50 PM

I grew up without a father, like most young black men, always searching for role models to look up to, whether it be in sports, in music, or in the streets. Eventually I decided I wanted to put all my eggs in one bag, trying to be a rapper. It's funny how sure you can be about where you're going, until the Most High directs your feet into another path. I never took time to read the bible in no way, shape or form, until I was forced to leave my hometown, my streets, my so-called ''homeboys'', decided to give up rap, to think about joining the Nation of Islam, mostly because I digged their doctrine about the black man. They used the bible to back up their doctrines but it didn't take long before realizing that in alot of their teachings, things didn't add up. So I started looking into what the Black Israelites were about, didn't watch too many camps, just 2, IUIC and another camp. In the beginning that other camp was fun to watch as they were screaming all the time that the white man was the devil. After a while it got boring, and the difference between that camp and IUIC is that IUIC were dedicated to teaching these laws to our people, and putting emphasis on understanding the word of the Most High.

All praises to the MHNC for raising up the elders, deacons, and officers as a true light for our people...

Ya'wanatan Ben Levi Israel
Montreal, Canada

My life made sense all in a twinkling of an eye

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.14.02 PM

When I began to TRULY seek the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness (Deuteronomy 6:25) EVERYTHING in my life made sense all in a twinkling of an eye. It was like I was literally brought back to life. I remember watching IUIC videos and came across Deuteronomy 28:48,64,37, and 68 and literally took a deep breath, like a gasp of air, dropped my Bible, slid my chair back from the computer and said to myself... Yes Lord. And from that moment on the perfect law of the lord (Psalms 19:7) and the faith in Christ (Revelation 14:12) has changed me back into the man I was originally created to be from the foundations of the earth. Once I came into contact with my brothers here in the Louisville, Kentucky camp it was like my spirit had been searching for my brothers all my life. It was like we picked up where we left off when we was dwelling in unity in the kingdom and I had never physically met them before. I thank the Most High God of Israel for being merciful enough to spare me long enough that my eyes were opened to the ONLY TRUTH on the planet and his Son who led me to the Father and pulled me out of my filthy mind state that this captivity had taught me. It is still an everyday battle but through my weakness HIS strength is made PERFECT! (2nd Corinthians 12:9)

(Proverbs 7:2)
Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

Zakar Ben Israel

I was Blind but NOW I See

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.57.17 AM

I was Blind but NOW I See...
I had no father, no morals, no goals, no rules, no strength, no brothers, no knowledge, and no love.
I was not a thugged out brother, trying to get into rap, or even trying to be somebody.. I was nobody.
This Truth... I cant FULLY explain in words. I have purpose now, I seek to read now, I seek brotherhood now, I seek....A Country! No longer will I have to accept the norm, No longer will I have to accept the destroyed state of my people.. The Most HIGH thru Christ has given me the Power to change that!

I was sitting in a chair playing video games (as usual) while my wife watch her normal non-sense videos on youtube and I hear.."Black Man, You are the Kings of this Earth." Now I have never believed in the church system but I did believe that the Bible was a true book; so as I watch the lesson "by the Rivers of Babylon", I think to myself "there is no way that is in the Bible". On the way home from work the next day I buy a bible and a note pad and found myself watching every video I could with the Brothers in blue garments or purple t-shirts, not realizing I was finding pieces of myself bit by bit.

IUIC and this gospel has provided me with a sense of Pride that I have NEVER known, stability in my home, respect from my woman, knowledge of self, a Family, a community, a Nation.
I thank the Father and Son for using my brothers for righteousness... I pray I also can be tool for righteousness.
I Love You I.U.I.C.!!
All Praises to the Most HIGH and His Son, Jesus the Christ.

Yaban Malkishua Ben Israel
Las Vegas

"I was lost but now im found"

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.00.47 PM

The truth saved my life!! It turned me from a boy in the streets into a man of God. A man who cares about his people and his community (know the state of the flock). All praises to the Most High and Christ!!

Bezaleel Ben Israel
IUIC New York


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